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Sci/Fi & Fantasy Author, Raven Oak
Sci/Fi & Fantasy Author, Raven Oak

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MNG: Diablo III - Decent, neutered game. Full review here: (A little late since it's Tuesday but yesterday was a holiday!)

This week’s Monday Night Gaming / MNG: Diablo III Since we have some friends we play with online (via Discord), we’re always looking for multiplayer games to play. My husband played (and greatly enjoyed) the first two games in the Diablo series, so it…

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Love wins. Lessons 21 years later and how we'll survive the future.

For all that I don’t write romance novels or even fiction with heavy romantic themes, I’ve always thought of myself as a romantic in the goofy, sappy, cry-too-much-at-cheesy-commercials sort of way–especially when it comes to my husband, my kitties, and…

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Women in Speculative Fiction Series by G. G. Silverman - Interview with me on Amaskan's Blood, Amaskan's War., & other goodies!

The fabulous G. G. Silverman (author of Vegan Teenage Zombie Huntress) is running a series this month on Women in Speculative Fiction. She kicked off with author Nisi Shawl and today, she interviewed me about Amaskan’s Blood,  Amaskan’s War, and other…

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Schizophrantic! Why isn't this a word? Perfect for presidents who tweet at midnight and sunshine kitties alike!

Apparently I was tired enough this morning that instead of saying schizophrenic to my husband, I said, “schizophrantic.” Why isn’t this a word yet?  

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I'll be at @foolscapcon this weekend with Books & Chains. Also Author Jesikah Sundin will be joining Elise and I. Come stop by, say hello, and browse some awesome books & chainemaille jewelry!

Hey folks! Been a crazy busy January (now February). Planning to get back to normal weekly updates on the site as I move forward with 2017 projects. I’ll be at FOOLSCAP this weekend (Feb. 3-5) with Books & Chains! Maybe I’ll even jump in on a panel or…

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52 songs of #Resistance and #Love for today #NotMyPresident #playlists

For many of us, today is a pretty depressing and dark day. Tomorrow, millions of women and men will march in protest and for equality. Millions will raise their voices and speak out against oppression and hatred. All day I’ve had a set of songs running…

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Jim Henson's #Labyrinth Board Game-Monday Night #Gaming Review.

This week Monday Night Gaming reviews Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Board Game! Publisher: River Horse # of Players: 1-5 Best with: 4 players Playing Time:  60-90 minutes We backed this and were very excited to receive this game once they (finally!) started…

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Happy New Year! 2017 goals, both professional and personal. What are your goals? #writerslife #amwriting

Happy New Year! Today dawns a whole new year! A new chance to change things or resolve to better ourselves. I’m not a fan of making promises I can’t keep. I tend to make achievable goals rather than resolutions. THEREFORE…. I hereby declare myself too…

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My 2016 Year-In-Review: The Good, Bad, & the Ugly. #newyear #writerslife

In terms of life and writing, 2016 had a lot of ups and downs for me. It’s hard to remember some of those ups when the downs are swinging at you, but they’re there and worth remembering. So here goes my 2016 In Review. THINGS THAT WENT WRITE RIGHT IN 2016…
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