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Conspiracy theory

Last Google I/O, I took photos with three Googlers, in the following order
1. With +Hugo Barra (along with +Karthik K)
2. With +Vic Gundotra (along with a bunch of +GDG India people)
3. With +Matias Duarte (alone)

The first two have left Google. I'm suddenly worried about Matias' future
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+Uttam Tripathi just remembered that I did, looks like I'm not a jinx but a good omen! 
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Raveesh Bhalla

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Pretty useful design tip, considering how long forms have existed for, yet not perfected speaks volumes of their UX complexity.
[Upscale Animations] Capitaine Train: Floating Labels

Fields of forms are often TextEdits with hints. When users fill in the form something could distract them. And when they come back to the form fields they will see the empty textedit with a blinking cursor. What do users need to fill in: email, login, etc?

So a good idea is "Floating Labels", for example.

For developers:

Float Label Pattern for Android —

An implementation of a FloatLabelPattern for Android —

Floating hint from edit text —

#AndroidAnimation #AndroidDesign #PoweredByAndroid
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I've personally seen how much effort +Soham Mondal put into building +Skyro (now known as Skyro). The culmination was with the app getting featured on Google Play.
Skyro Voice Recorder (by +GDG BlrDroid's +Soham Mondal)

- Amazing design
- Sync with Dropbox
- Share with Soundcloud
- Search by tags, location, date

Recording audio was never this easy and fun !Skyro allows you to record, pl...
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Thanks Raveesh :) 
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Really worth going through even for an experienced developer
After struggling with trying to figure out how various pieces fit together, I've done some research and put together the complete Android Activity/Fragment lifecycle chart. This has two parallel lifecycles (activities and fragments) which are organized vertically by time. Lifecycle stages will occur in the vertical order in which they're displayed, across activities and fragments. In this way, you can see how your fragments interact with your activities.

In addition to the attached image, I've also got an SVG: which is suitable for printing.

If this is missing lifecycle steps or is inaccurate in any way, let me know so I can update it!

#Android #androiddev  
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Raveesh Bhalla

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As an indication of how much impact +Vic Gundotra has had on me, I couldn't help but read this in his voice.

Congratulations, Vic, you are an inspiration to so many of us, and the GDG community in particular will always remember you very fondly.
And Then

Last month, my wife's uncle died in a tragic accident in LA when the bicycle he was using to get lunch was hit by a truck. At the memorial service his daughter relayed a very touching story. 

She said her dad (who was her best friend) called every day to talk. But instead of opening the call with the customary "How are you" or "What's going on", her dad always opened the conversation with "And then?" Her father viewed each conversation as a continuation of the last, and what pained her the most was that there were to be no more "and thens". I cried. 

Since then I've thought a lot about how similar this is to our life's endeavors. We pour our heart and soul into our work and it becomes something we love and cherish. But even the challenges we work on today will one day become "and thens" as we move on to the next. 

Today I'm announcing my departure from Google after almost 8 years.

I have been incredibly fortunate to work with the amazing people of Google. I don't believe there is a more talented and passionate collection of people anywhere else. And I'm overwhelmed when I think about the leadership of +Larry Page and what he empowered me to do while at Google. From starting Google I/O, to being responsible for all mobile applications, to creating Google+, none of this would have happened without Larry's encouragement and support.

I'm also forever in debt to the Google+ team. This is a group of people who built social at Google against the skepticism of so many. The growth of active users is staggering, and speaks to the work of this team. But it doesn't tell you what kind of people they are. They are invincible dreamers. I love them. And I will miss them dearly.

Finally, thank you to all those who I've met on Google+. The community here has been so supportive that I don't even know how to say thank you. You all make Google+. Without you, this social network wouldn't exist. Your support for Google+, and for me personally is something I will never forget. 

But, now is the time for a new journey. A continuation. An "and then". I am excited about what's next. But this isn't the day to talk about that. This is a day to celebrate the past 8 years. To cry. And smile. And to look forward to the journey yet to come.

And then....
+Vic Gundotra 

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anyone else having battery drain issues on the new Google Hangouts? 
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Not at all. Did you get it from +Android Police? If so, maybe you should uninstall the updates and wait for the OTA from +Google Play.
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Is it just me or is the notification sound on the new Google Hangouts more annoying than ever? 
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Raveesh Bhalla

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The bad stuff about Google Camera: the auto focus is now painfully slow, if not completely broken until you tap the subject. Lens Blur is definitely not worth this big loss 
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Lens blur is not the big improvement here. It's the prospect of regular updates.

It's a bit silly that they've omitted burst mode in the first version, though. It's so useful in combination with auto awesome.
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Raveesh Bhalla

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wait is over, apply for the 6th batch here...
TLabs, a startup accelerator and early stage seed-fund for internet and mobile technology startups by Times Internet Ltd, has now..
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