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Raul Yas

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inFORM is a Dynamic Shape Display that can render 3D content physically, so users can interact with digital information in a tangible way. inFORM can also interact…
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Cool, but it'll need a higher "pixel" density to be really practical.
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Raul Yas

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To me, Vine is now the world's largest comedy stage. The 6 seconds + loop makes Vine videos a lot more entertaining than Instagram.
According to numbers released Tuesday, Twitter's one-year-old video-sharing app Vine now has about 40 million registered users. The app lets users shoot a maximum of six seconds per Vine, so we wanted to know why the limit's set at six seconds and not a second longer.
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Raul Yas

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Does it really need to have my location all the time? I'm really hoping it's a bug :(
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used it for a few days and got rid of it. useless to me
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Raul Yas

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Of coarse apple is testing a new phone! They are getting bashed out there! More interesting though will be how iOS is improved. They have a lot of ground to make up and apple fans are in the mood for something fresh.

But how do you make drastic changes to a popular selling product without abandoning the people who are currently buying iOS devices?!?!
What do you think? Is Apple testing the iPhone 6 right now?
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Raul Yas

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This is incredibly interesting. See what world governments and Google are both willing to pay big bucks over.
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Raul Yas

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He's got some moves!
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Raul Yas

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New iPhone rumor round up. Here's to hoping the fingerprint nonsense actually saves me a bunch of time per day! :)
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I like apple iphone 5s. Srry very expenses.i cant afford.he he he. Very nice phone.
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Raul Yas

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Awesome video of a Super Mario cross over!
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Raul Yas

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Since wearable computing is about to make a big entrance (I think); i decided to start small with this cookoo smart watch ( The watch is probably the most feature limited but also the most stylish and comes with a traditional watch battery (which i consider a plus for now). After having the watch for several weeks, i already want more! Which is a good sign that wearable technology is probably here to stay. Bring on Google Glass and more smart watches!
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i don't have a smartwatch like that, but i do sport one of these which i'm pretty fond of:
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Raul Yas

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Very funny! :) Probably less true with the newer IE's but very funny!
Just fired up the new Internet Explorer, and I must say I'm impressed.

I can download +Mozilla Firefox and +Google Chrome faster than ever before! ;)
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Raul Yas

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Are you getting a white Christmas? Thanks!
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lol 0% for me
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Tech Nerd
  • a Healthcare Facility
    Software Analyst, present
  • Systems Administrator
  • IT Services Manager
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Fanwood, New Jersey
Montclair, New Jersey - Mar del plata, Argentina - Garfield, New Jersey - Douglaston, Queens
Technology dweeb, comedic attempter, prefers glasses over contacts.
/*---   About me :)  ---*/
Technology Nerd, Software Developer, Amateur Hockey Player, and a very happy husband and dad. 

I like to look at life from the most positive angle possible. With that said, i've been very lucky to be surrounded by a great group of friends and family. Without them, it wouldn't be as easy to see the greatness in the simple things that are often taken for granted.

'***    Work   ***
I assist healthcare facilities get the most out of their Electronic Health Record systems from years of experience with software design, programming, implementation, and hands-on usage. I get to work with great doctors and staff that help people with some of life's biggest problems. 

#***   Interests   ***
Everything about software interests me. How it's thought out, how it's made, how it's used, how it's maintained, how large and small system's speak to each other, how it impacts a business, how it impacts an individual, everything! :)

I'm also a big fan of hockey. I think it is the most under-rated sport with the most to teach about life. I'm a big fan of the New York Rangers.

<!--  Why should you circle me?    //-->
... i have no idea why you should circle me. You shouldn't have to do anything :) I'll try my best to give you interesting content. I also like to interact on your posts. That's what g+ is all about. When G+ first started, I was mostly sharing about technology related material. But now I see that G+ has much more to offer  :)

  • Montclair State University
    Computer Science - Informatics, 2013
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