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My write-up of the latest Bristol Digimakers event.
Although much of the Pi world was talking about the Birthday Party over in Cambridge some of us helped keep the fires of creativity burning in far corners of the UK. In my case Bristol. Which isn't really a corner but you get the idea. The Digimaker volunteers, At-Bristol, the British Institute ...
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I still have my current pi
 model B
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New Raspberry Pi case spotted at the Pi Party in Cambridge ...
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I've updated my Raspberry Pi Family Photo to include the Pi 2 model B.
This is released under CC-BY-SA 4 attribution license.
Obviously I've been fairly pre-occupied recently with the RasPiO Duino kickstarter (2 weeks in, just 1 week to go). But within the last week, at least 3 people have asked me if I've updated my "Ras...
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A nicely presented camera control project for Sony cameras. It's a great base for any project where you want to trigger your camera.
As promised, here is a blog article on how to build a Raspberry Pi-based cable shutter release.
Replacing a simple and inexpensive remote cable release for your camera with Raspberry Pi may seem like a classic case of over-engineering, but using the tiny machine to control the camera opens up...
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New Raspbian image available from Official Download page.

  * Newer firmware with various fixes
  * New Sonic Pi release
  * Pi2 compatible RPi.GPIO
  * Updated Wolfram Mathematica
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Naturebytes have been out in the garden beta testing their Raspberry Pi-based Wildlife Cam Kit as they gear up to launch, and their latest blog post has some lovely images of garden wildlife that they captured in the process - it's a great demonstration of how rewarding this kind of project can be.
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The Pi camera has a fixed focus of about 40cm to infinity. You can twist the lens barrel to change this with some pliers. I did this to do some LEGO animation. I got the focal distance down to 8cm ... but beyond 10cm you loose focus. So I suspect for a fixed point you could tweak the focus but accept a shallower range. I'm not great with lens terminology but hopefully this makes sense!
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Star Wars in Minecraft using Python and a Raspberry Pi. #minecraft #python #raspberrypi
Myself and David Whale (my co-author on Adventures in Minecraft) were asked if we would do a talk on "Hacking Minecraft" at the Raspberry Pi 3rd Birthday Party. I wanted to do something fun to show you how you can do amazing ...
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The MagPi is now the official Raspberry Pi magazine! Thank you to everyone who has got it this far.
Welcome to the MagPi. The MagPi is now the official Raspberry Pi magazine. It offers the latest news, reviews, features and tutorials dedicated to the world's favourite credit card-sized PC. Over the coming months we'll be showing you how the Raspberry Pi can power robots, fly to the edge of ...
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Pipsta is a small thermal printer with extensive support for the Raspberry Pi. It prints on rolls so you can print long banners.
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Reminds me of the ZX81 printer 
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RaspberryPi Spy

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A little bit of light soldering this afternoon ...
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Really awesome boards 👌
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5 million Raspberry Pis sold!
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Yes, I just got mine last week! It's up & running! Love it!
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Issue 30 of The MagPi is out! #raspberrypi  
Editorial. Welcome to Issue 30 of The MagPi and another bumper issue full of interesting articles and projects. Before we describe the content of this Issue, let us tell you about our new Kickstarter project to print Volume 3 of The MagPi (Issues 20 to 29) plus a superb new binder.
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Raspberry Pi news, resources, tutorials, guides and downloads for fans, hobbyists, teachers, parents and electronics experimenters.
RaspberryPi-Spy is a website devoted to the Raspberry Pi credit card sized computer. My aim is provide help and information to people with an interest in the device but without much time to mess around with every last detail. I hope to help with the basics and attract people to computer programming and hardware development.

My site and this Google+ page is not associated in any way with the Raspberry Pi Foundation or Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.
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