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Content writer,food photographer,Recipe executor
Content writer,food photographer,Recipe executor


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Spicy Sweet and Sour Chicken Dumplings Recipe-2nd guest post at TheBigSweetTooth
During the
course of blogging,I found people (blogger’s) who do not have manners and are full of attitudes.They never say ‘Hi’ to you or
bother to visit your site even after getting 2-3 invitations from you. What is
wrong with these people? Come on we are
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Pav Bhaji-A famous street food of Mumbai
I do not feel good to see how badly vegetables has mashed to become one and served as Pav Bhaji but I have to admit they taste so good
that you cannot stop eating unless you finish with two pav. ;) Yummy
Potatoes,beautiful cauliflower,most savoured green pe...
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Coffee Pudding
Thanks to Blogoshpere and this fast technology phase,we do have
chance to try verities of food cuisine.Recipe is just a click away,check if
you already have these ingredients and you end up making something unique &
different…Viola!   My family has a sweet ...
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Chicken Biryani is most savoured food and devour by veryone. There is so many version of Chicken Biryani, still I've to preserve my method. smile emoticon
Because adding saffron, almonds and cashews or replacing tomatoes with curd…that is what we do to take our dish to different level, trying to enhance the flavor with little here & there….Viola!

#chicken-recipes   #biryanirecipe   #Chicken   #india  

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Chicken Biryani
I do
not know how I always forget to note down the ingredients of Chicken Biryani
and last time I jotted down each details.HOWEVER,mistakenly delete the notes when
sorting my mobile data. ;( Poor, Rash… I had to scratch my head to write this post.I closed
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Bread Pakora/Potato Stuffed Bread Fritters
Bread pakoda is not
something new,we do make it very often and that is how we ignore to post such
recipes.They are quicker to make and loved by each family member’s and you
know the reason,right! Certainly, POTATOES !!! After Vada Pav these are widely serve...
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Chicken Stuffed Gift Box
They looks cute isn’t it? They grabbed my attention during Ramadan and I couldn’t
control my temptation to make such an eye appealing fried gift.;) Preparing 15 Chicken Stuffed gift box is not a single-hand job and that
too in Ramadan when everything needs ...
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Mix Vegetables(DRY)
I really enjoy cooking and eating mix vegetables but if you serve me
separately all this veggies except Brinjal,nothing will go inside my mouth( someone save me,plz!). Instead,I will
have Ammi k pickles with steamed rice & Dal.  hehe Recipe Source: IR Prepa...
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Dalcha-Uttar Pradesh Style
Dalcha is a
mixture of Chana dal,mutton or beef and bottle gourdI’ve seen many recipes
of Dalcha but all they use Pigeon Peas with little addition of Split Bengal
gram. While growing
up I always relish Dalcha at home and did not know there is any other kind...
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