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Trade: IPHONE CODING for a ride in an ASTON MARTIN

Hi, my name is Raphael Schaad and I want to trade an afternoon of IPHONE/IPAD CODING/PROTOTYPING/MOBILE EXPERIENCE ADVISING for your app/idea in exchange for taking a ride in an ASTON MARTIN.

In 2011 I moved from Switzerland to Palo Alto to shape the future of reading with FLIPBOARD as an iOS engineer. Previously I worked on technology for a Swiss financial institute and helped redefining writing apps with my work on iA WRITER in Tokyo.

Now my dad is visiting me in September. When I was a boy, we used to watch James Bond together. We never cared too much about cars and never had a luxurious one, but my dad always said, if there was one car he admired, it was the Aston Martin. I decided then I would—at some point—buy my dad an Aston Martin. I'm not quite there yet, but would like to trade what I'm really good at for enabling this unforgettable moment with my dad.

(650) 787-3577


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The Aston is in the shop, but you can ride my Mini any time!
I was about to offer you my Aston for coding but realized you code only in iOS.  I'm looking for some Android development.  :)
I run Software Company in India, If i find more developers i would prefer to have car(s) like Aston
I'm in Boulder but have a DB9 I'd be happy to let you drive around if you are ever here. 
How long is your dad here for?
I have many Astons. Could use some coding. Pleas contact me.
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