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Raphael Ochsenbein
May you always find Water and Shade.
May you always find Water and Shade.
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Building node-sass || libsass-python natively on Android 6 & 7
If you've ever used the brilliant Termux[ 1 ] application on Android as a frontend developer, you might have wondered, if it is possible to do the complete frontend development process just on your android phone / tablet. The answer is: yes, it is! Termux h...

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V: Chapter I "Black Bird", Version 1.0.
A storm was brewing; on the spire of the castle
keep hidden by dark clouds, the old warrior stood steadfast, screening his domain
from his sole eye. The spot where the other should have been was covered by a
dark patch, which did not fully hide the traces o...

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Cola Nut - Or the Origin of the Second Word in "Coca Cola"
I was pleasantly surprised to find Cola Nuts being sold by
some of the local groundnut & peanut vendors. In the manner of a good host
in Cameroon I immediately stocked up on Cola Nuts in order be able to serve my
peers appropriately. And maybe also to obser...

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My Life as an "Extremist" (⌐■_■)
The NDR has released some source code (or rather, script code) detailing what the NSA actually does: According to the excerpt below I am accounted as an extremist! No wonder, the US dept. of homeland security questioned me closely when I entered the states...

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Fixing Electricity, the Malagasy Way
While it may be possible to eschew such base resources as water, or food, there is one indispensable source of life: Electricity. At least for a CyberShaman. Now how can one proceed, if a dry spell has cut access to this absolutely vital electricity for mor...

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/* without words */

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Malaria - Tourism
Once upon a time there
occurred a discussion about safety for working abroad, and at one point Malaria
was mentioned. Malaria, a fellow of
mine proposed, can be likened to a stronger flu. Myself, I cannot
wholly support this statement. Malaria is the only t...

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