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Does this game still work?

All I get is "Your phone went to sleep or lost its connection". on +Google Chrome​
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Wanted to show it to my son & little cousins, they've got the same tablets... then fail 😐
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Birthday gifts from +Andrea Ndem​ & +Quincy Ndem​.

They know me well.
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Hosted a talk on the Roche Modular Pre-Analytics & cobas p 612, and the implications of not addressing pre-analytical errors. Smashed it 😎

Do what you love & love what you do.
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Gratz! Wow, your a real scientist man!
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Mr Robot: S2 E10 - Hidden Process

I need the soundtrack playing in the last 10 minutes of the episode.

Also, nice little Watch_Dogs plug.
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+Ryan Martin I can neither confirm nor deny 😛
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When all of ploos is frustrated and bothered. Everyone logout, and we'll reconvene tomorrow.


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+Keyan X​ I love the switch from Android to Sound on this one.

Basically, a good DAC + Amp could mean the difference between having great sound from your headphones, and having the gods of audio licking your eardrums.

If you're into sound, this might be for you.
Sometimes you need an Amp to really appreciate your headphones, or a DAC to get the quality your deserves. Well the Element by +JDS Labs Inc is the best of both, check out my review below!
There are a lot of factors that come into getting the best experience out of music, from the type and style of headphones you use, the source of the audio, and the actual music file itself. To get the best, you'll want to look into an external DAC, like The Element.
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+Ryan Martin I have so VModas as well (although I have the m100s). The m50x are really good but kinda lack in the bass area, but still very very good especially for around $125.

I've been dabbling more in the open back area so I'd also recommend the AKG 7xx or Hifiman it you want to go open.
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Lights & Sound Final Setup - Dress Rehearsal

Zero 88 desk + Surface Pro 4 running ZerOS Remote Monitor

Roland M-200i with iPad display + MacBook Air running QLab

MacBook Pro running PowerPoint

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POV for the week

Gearing up for Mathew Dickinson's A Christmas Carol.

I'm running lights from the zero88 desk with Xperia Z2 tablet as remote monitor / extended display, and projection from Surface Pro 4.

Sound run from MacBook Pro using QLab through Roland M-200i digital mixer with iPad as display.
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Never really felt the novelty for obvious reasons so I'm off. Until there's a motive to return, you can find me in the world of Ingress.
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You can find me in da lab...
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Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V
How to Read a Medical Research Paper

Biomedical research is a field that touches all our lives at some point or another. Through it, we have identified new ways to prevent, diagnose, or treat most of the diseases that affect us. As such it is unsurprising to come across people who have various opinions about the accuracy of these discoveries. By confusing large-scale data with personal anecdotes, by mistaking peer-reviewed research with pseudoscience, the waters are made muddy until even undecided fence-sitters become needlessly skeptical thanks to the "well we must teach the controversy!" stories.

All this has led to an unprecedented epidemic of anti-science rhetoric, where overwhelming scientific consensus is regarded with suspicion. Vaccines, genetically modified food, diet, nutrition, chemotherapy, vitamins, supplements, acupuncture, 'cupping' (thanks Michael Phelps)...the list is endless. Matters aren't helped when newspapers overhype findings to increase circulation or clicks - CANCER CURE FOUND or DIABETES VACCINE SORTED or TRUMP MANIA CURED (I wish) or whatever.

So how do you decide for yourself, without being misled by snake-oil salesmen trying to sell their latest elixir or inexperienced journalists trying to get more clicks? Unfortunately academic jargon means reading the original research paper isn't easy unless you have a science background. Assuming the paper isn't behind a paywall and you actually get your hands on a copy, how do you begin to make sense of it? How do you know whether it's legit, so to speak?

It's all the more heartbreaking when patients, who have so much at stake, can end up endangering their health because of false promises. Open access research means more people can access research papers, but that doesn't necessarily mean the research itself is accessible.

Today I stumbled across an awesome, interactive, free to use website that guides people through the process of reading a scientific paper. It teaches you the things you should look out for, such as;

Is the paper peer-reviewed?
Who carried out the research?
Who funded it?
Was it reviewed by an ethics committee?

If it's paid for by a tobacco company and it says smoking doesn't cause lung cancer then you should rightly be very suspicious!

It also teaches you the difference between a review or meta analysis vs an individual study, and whether it's good for basing decisions on. It even goes on to explain clinical studies, and how you should evaluate them before deciding actually no, organic kale juice can't cure cancer...

Check it out -
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All comments on OP pls.
Amazon Dash now available in London... looks like it's off to a great start.
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    Assisted the Clinical Biochemistry laboratory staff with daily duties mainly involving sample processing and storage, and packaging as required for delivery to other hospital departments.
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