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Plug in your headphones and turn up the volume!
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Happy Easter.

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Unfortunately it didn't work for me since I bought mine in the US... 
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Raphael Ndem

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Next on the list.. 1.44 MB diskettes

These are the last of what's left from the start of my degree in 2004.
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+Kevin Gibson yeah, most items are being dumped. These stay, and so do the wristwatches from a few posts back.
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Raphael Ndem

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I also seem to have a lot of unused gifted wristwatches... some with broken straps, all with dead batteries.

Somehow, I don't think the smartwatch revolution will win me over.
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Make love, not war. 
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Raphael Ndem

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When someone posts on G+ and the comments are from 'smart' people getting serious with their logic and I'm all like...

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Raphael Ndem

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I'm seeing a lot of Google fanboys getting excited about the much needed Hangouts update that merges SMS/Hangout conversations. These are the EXACT same fanboys that argued and said they preferred having SMS/Hangout conversations separate. SMH.

+Rory S pls confirm?
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The trouble I have with this is I'll sorely miss the instant reply pop-up from my SMS app. So I'm still passing on this until that materialises.
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Raphael Ndem

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Moving on... Ventolin & Seretide inhalers. Asthma, the gift & the curse.

Oh look, I made an ingress portal complete with fully deployed resonators.

3rd faction confirmed?
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Raphael Ndem

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Next up from my pile of left for dead - headphones.

2x Sony & 2x Sennheiser cans, 6 carry cases, and 6 adapters. I went through at least 6 of the Sennheiser HD 205s when I owned them over the course of 2 years.

My current headphones (Sony MDR V55) have lasted nearly 1 and a half years now.
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+Bruce Elliott hah! It's just wear & tear from taking my device out of my trouser pockets and putting it back. Doesn't seem to bother my latest headphones though
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Raphael Ndem

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Just dug out these old (-ish) relics.

• HTC TyTN 300 (or T-Mobile MDA Vario II), running Windows Mobile 5.0, 50MB RAM. Wow.

• HTC Wildfire, last running Cyanogenmod 7.2

• Sony Xperia Sola, last running Cyanogenmod 9.1

Missing a Nokia 5530 XpressMusic (before the Wildfire) but that was given away.

The size & weight of that TyTN though.
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Nice. These are 05/06 onwards. Haven't got the previous phones anymore, mostly Nokias.
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Raphael Ndem

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POV for the week

+Theatre in the Square hosts Family Circles, a comedy by Alan Ayckbourn.

Our performance will be running till the weekend.

Event info:
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Ayckbourn is always good, but that sort of comedy is always tricky to play: hard work but very satisfying if you get it right.

Break a leg and all that. I must get back into theatre work one of these days.
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Sound Technician (Freelance-ish), ScienceSeeker Photo Editor
Clinical/Medical Research, Audio/Sound Engineering
  • ScienceSeeker
    Photo Editor, 2012 - present
    Managing and updating the photos featured on the homepage, and improving the site's social media presence through Google+.
  • Amateur Theatre
    Sound Technician, 2009 - present
    Setup and running of audio (and occasionally lighting) equipment for Theatre in the Square, Incognito Theatre, and Mathew Dickinson productions in North London, and for Theatre in the Square productions at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall.
  • Royal Brompton Hospital
    Trainee Biomedical Scientist, 2005 - 2005
    Assisted laboratory staff with day-to-day duties which predominantly included specimen preparation for distribution to the appropriate departments, and storage as required. Logged patient details into a computer system utilising IT skills and attention to detail.
  • Harefield Hospital
    Trainee Biomedical Scientist, 2004 - 2005
    Assisted the Clinical Biochemistry laboratory staff with daily duties mainly involving sample processing and storage, and packaging as required for delivery to other hospital departments.
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Cairo - Rabat - Abuja - Dublin
Gamer - Android & Tech - Science & Medicine - Music & Sound Engineering

Interests & Hobbies
  • Active (Basketball)
  • Always with Headphones (Sony/Sennheiser)
  • Android & Ubuntu Linux (Windows as plan B)
  • Biomedical Science
    • Clinical Chemistry
    • Haematology
    • Immunology
  • Gaming (Android, PS3 & PC)
  • Life Sciences & Technology
  • Music & Sound Engineering
    • Listening - Hip hop, R&B, Soundtracks
    • Mixing - Virtual DJ (Windows) & Mixxx (Linux)
    • Theatre - Multiplay (Windows)
  • Sarcasm & Humour


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Feel free to message me or preferrably hit me up via Hangouts.
  • University of Westminster
    MSc Biomedical Science, 2008 - 2009
    Dissertation titled "Reliability of bioinformatics tools for the prediction of trans-membrane regions of proteins".
  • University of Westminster
    BSc Biomedical Science, 2004 - 2007
    Dissertation titled "Comparison of a number of bioinformatics tools used for the prediction of secondary structures in proteins".
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