I'm a little late to the party, I've decided on my my New Years resolution

I will continue to speak my mind, be brutally honest, speak the truth where I see it, not be afraid to do so, and refrain from lying to someone to make them feel better about themselves. I will take constructive criticism, while at the same time think for myself. I will never tell someone that they are wrong without explaining why I feel that way. I will spark debate and not not just for the sake of argument. I will not incite hatred. I will not pass judgement without having all the facts, and will do whatever I can to uncover the truth. I will share the truth with the world where possible, and will speak out against what I feel to be injustices. I won't back down when it would seem all hope is lost. I won't conform to something that will compromise my rights as a human being.

Humans have evolved to the beings they are today from what would otherwise be chaos and many reject some of the greatest of evils to plague humanity. I will do my best to do the same and not make it all for naught.

I will exercise my free will in the most honest and pure ways I can. I will exercise my freedom of expression. I will exercise my right to bear arms. I will exercise my freedom of speech, and I will do so with every chance I get.

Above all, I will NOT be silenced.
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