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Josh Hamilton was selected as the AL Player of the Month for April and Yu Darvish was selected as the AL Rookie of the Month. Congratulate them by +1 and sharing with your circles.
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RANGERS!! but we got our arses handed to us today!!
Washington chose to save some players by not having them play on the concrete that they call a field in Toronto. Too bad it cost us a couple of games, but it will be appreciated later in the season.
Outstanding job, gentlemen!!

Go Rangers!!
Gotta get Josh back healthy. Not a good way to start the road trip!!
Wash never lets those two play on the turf there- hard on the legs- glad they are out of Canada 
Well deserved.

We need you back on the field Josh!
+Takashi Hamada he is a rookie in the American League. I wouldn't b at all surprised to see him be this good all season and snag a Rookie of the Year award.
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