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The +Texas Rangers are one of the hottest teams in baseball,owning an MLB-best 10-2 record and a 6-game winning streak.

Before heading home, the Rangers will make one more stop on this road trip to play a four game series against the Detroit Tigers, which begins tonight at 6:05 p.m. CT.

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This will be a good test for Darvish. I was thinking he might be a little nervous about facing their lineup, but whatever he feels isn't going to come close to what Wilk has to be feeling about going up against the Rangers. Should be some great games.
The additions of CJ Wilson and Alber Pujols won't put the Angels over the top. The Rangers still have better pitchingand a lot more offense. The Mariners have no offense and Oakland....uh...

Anyway, the point is that Texas is still the best team in the west with ease
Hence my surprised reaction to this post. Why are we even thinking about winning the AL West? We should be focusing on going the whoooooole damned way this time.
If we can just keep playing at this level and stay healthy everything will fall into place one series at a time. There is no doubt that this team has the chance to take it all.
In any case, good luck to Yu. Let's kick some butt tonight!
Yu looked good. A lot of walks, but that was the only blemish
He has defiantly gotten better each game. 3 of those walks came late is in outing. Probably a little worn out. If Ian had made that DP Yu probably could have finished the 7th. If he can just keep getting better on this pace everything will work out.
I s long Season, but Angels are 13 games Yu Darvish best game pitched so far .He had command on all his pitches. One Iinning he lost contol but, that was it. The Ranger big bats came aivs. This weekend serious put two of the best offensive cubs aagainst each other
That are killing it! Esp considering that Nathan is responsible for the two late inning losses! @randhsports @drakebaseball
way to go rangers, everyone is firing on all cylinders, and nathan is picking it up
Bob Z
I think Josh is staying. Hope we can get Greinke and Upton
Greinke signed with the Dodgers. We traded Young and pretty much got nothing for him. Koji and Napoli signed with the Red Sox. My heart is broken
Had no idea Greinke had signed. When did this happen?! In the last 4 hours? What are we doing??
He was signed in the last couple of hours. We re trying to sign Upton. He is no replacement for Young. If we lose Josh, too, I fear for this upcoming season. That's 3 big bats, two of which simply cannot be truly replaced. Ugh. So angry about losing Young
It's not like he has been the corner stone of the team for 12 years or anything.
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