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Swiss Metal Assets
Offshore Asset Protection to Protect Against Inflation using rare strategic metals and precious metals..
Offshore Asset Protection to Protect Against Inflation using rare strategic metals and precious metals..

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Learn about Strategic Metals Investing.

We also offer Gold and Silver delivered tax free using VaultMax Global in the Panama Free Zone.

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The timing of Deutsche Bank potentially collapsing during the Jubilee end-day weekend and our call of Deutsche Bank being this cycle’s Lehman Brothers, may all prove to come true… and we predicted it all, down to the name and date!

Will it collapse over the weekend? Only time will tell. If it doesn’t, it is on its very last legs now. Something’s about to break very quickly.

Join us and learn how to protect your assets..-->

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The Pentagon just announced it is missing $6.5 trillion ($20,000 for every man, woman and child in the US)...

And all people care about is a man didn't stand up for their special song.

By +Jeff Berwick 

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The US is Close to WWIII, Civil War and a Collapsing Economy While Americans are Chasing Pokemon.

Join us to learn how to survive and prosper during the economic collapse.

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Is an Economic Crash Likely This Year? Many Experts think so.

From political and economic stability in Greece to unpredictable energy prices, the world will face a number of economic challenges on many areas in 2016. As the U.S Federal Reserve starts to tighten its monetary policy, many countries in Europe are struggling to manage debt and migrant crises, and emerging world economies are becoming more fragile. This has sent economic scientists into panic, many predicting a major economic crash in 2016.

The global economy could be doing much worse than earlier thought. The dwindling oil prices and weak currencies are some of the things that may force many economies are around the world come crashing down. Apart from China, emerging economies like Turkey, Thailand, South Africa and Brazil will be the real cause of concern in this year’s economic crash. Considering their high level of short-term debts, these countries, among others, will become vulnerable to currency crisis this year. But why are many experts predicting an economic crash this year?

Read more at the link.

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Why strategic metals are one of the best ways to invest in technology.

Strategic metals are metals that occur naturally and found in very rare quantities, and for various reasons are a great option to invest in technology. Many industries depend on these scarce metals to make a wide range of products and they have therefore become an important input material for them because many are irreplaceable. They are used to make a products such as hybrid cars, flat screen TVs, wind turbines, computers, and cellular phones among other things. In total, there are about 17 strategic metals in the world with key examples being rhenium, dysprosium, osmium, and hafnium.

For many investors, investing in strategic metals is not a feasible option. However, if you have the means, generally a new worth of over $250,000, there are several ways you can gain access to this form of investment and reap benefits.

Read more at the link.

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Asset Protection – It’s not only for the Ultra Wealthy.

There is growing misconception that asset protection and planning is a preserve only for the multi-rich people with vast offshore bank accounts. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth because there is no wealth threshold for how much one needs to have or earn in order to protect their assets. As such, just about anybody can protect their assets because as you age, it becomes increasingly important that you protect your assets for your next generation.

Read more at the link.

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Use a Self Directed IRA to Buy Gold.

Last week I had the privilege of attending FreedomFest 2016 in Las Vegas. During the show I had to the opportunity to talk to many people about their financial future and the state of the US economy. It was clear that people are worried about the financial system. The topic I came across the most was gold. Many of the people I talked to would love to own gold but they had one big hurdle, their money was tied up in 401k’s and their IRA’s. I thought it was odd that so few people knew about a self directed IRA. We regularly help people open self directed IRA’s using an IRA Rollover.

Infographic at the link.

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"Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't."

By Mark Twain

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