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wondering which company makes the big, neat pedigree charts on PBS "Finding Your Roots" series. See
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Interesting question. I don't know, but it is not necessarily a third party. Using an external printer involves a turn-around time, and surely the show has sufficient budget to do it themselves?
It was an interesting show and I thought the charts looked pretty cool. Would love to see a "behind the scenes" show - who does the research, how do they approach it, how long does it take, etc. - Tell us about those researchers!
I love it when shows do a "behind-the-scenes" show... maybe we should write them, eh? Great idea +Tessa Keough
but then the PBS show would be like WDYTYA, right? It's a different, and cheaper, way to work. Gates gets to go to the places, not the subjects. I have some comments on my blog post about researchers.
No +Randy Seaver - you misunderstood; I want Gates to sit down with the research department and ask them "when I give you a name" how do you plan what we are going to do? what is your timeframe? who do you contact? how? I do not believe that Gates meets any of these folks until the researchers have done all the paper, internet, and boots on the ground research and come up with their stories. We do not see this on WDYTYA, we see the finished product. That is the story I am interested in.
I think +Tessa Keough is talking about a documentary for each episode. Once they do that, they could use it as extras on the Special Extended Super Ultimate Edition DVD of WDYTYA - they can contact me for permission to use Tessa's my brilliant idea ;-)
They actually did this on the very first British series of WDYTYA. The programme lasted for 50 minutes and was followed by a 10-minute documentary showing how the research was done. It was however all somewhat basic and it got dropped for the second series and the programme was extended to one hour. The US programmes are all much shorter because they have to allow for all the adverts.
Both WDYTYA and the show Finding Your Roots (not sure of title but Gates' show on Sunday nights on PBS). I would love the story behind the story. Also they have the most amazing graphics on that show and photos regarding locations, ships, transportation (as well as the family photos). All in all, very interesting - how it is made would be very interesting to learn.
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