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This "wall" post is 
I added it to my profile, more because I love to test things than for an actual need anyone has for posting to my "wall". Still, here it is, a terrific idea from +Christian Schlobach

His post is here. Read it to get the full skinny:
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Being a lazy SOB, I didn't go through all the steps because I don't believe people have a compelling need to post on my "wall", but this is a neat solution to the perceived problem that the public can't engage with you on a topic you didn't start.

Basically, you start a post like this, grab its URL and create a shortened version that you can add on your profile.
An interesting idea. I like the way +Christian Schlobach laid his out, it has an old BBS feel to it.

As far as engaging on new topics, I usually + the person into the post that I write rather than looking for a way to post on their profile.
+Christian Schlobach it is Bordeaux, and a random photo from my Drive since I rushed to test this idea. I explain elsewhere why I didn't do the full execution, but it has already turned into a post that interests a few folks :-)
+Will Keaney your comparison to BBS is spot on :) In fact, +Jens Graikowski pointed me to a website that has a text art generator ( I might try that one as well. Might also solve the problem that the current layout does not work that well on browsers other than Chrome.
Christian, you'll notice I jumped on that generator link, too :-)
I can't believe we're in our fourth week of five, soon it'll be time to leave this paradise where the only real hassle is getting behind the wheel of a car for short trips. I hate driving, it's the only real perk I could see about being incredibly rich and having a driver. Course once I have a driver I may as well be living in the best party of San Francisco in a great place, and then I'd have to go out a lot to be driven to great restaurants, etc. 

Being in the USA for a few weeks is a pretty radical change for me. I must make a few notes about the experience.
So I saw the latest episode of The Newsroom and liked it better than most of the previous ones.

The Good

1 - The blonde girl with the bowling ball eyes wasn't in it much.
2 - There was no high school romance (see 1 above)
3 - Nice scene with the Numbers guy playing the psychiatrist
4 - Even better scene with the whistle blower
5 - Nice interaction between Will and bodyguard
6 - Nice short Jane Fonda moment

The Bad:

1 - The British exec producer irritates me, I can't get over it
2 - There's always some kind of love thing discussion going on. "It's part of life!", you say? So is going to the bathroom, I don't need to see that to make it realistic. 
3 - The Indian actor is poorly used except when he's pitching stories. He's a good character. The dialog with him asking if the woman minded if he told the Internet she was a whore was absurd. No one is that stupid!
I look forward to your comments about the trip and love #2-Bad - comoplete agreement there!
So, we're back, recovering from a great and lengthy vacation in a land 9 hours from our time zone and 24 hours door to door. It was great to be in California and it's great to be back!
I hope you enjoyed your vacation, Randy :) For how long have you been living in France? I didn't realize until now that you really have your home in France.
Wow, that's a long time. I just checked your Wikipedia entry to see where you are originally from. I also found this funny sentence: "Resnick has retired several times, disappearing for 6 to 8 years and resurfacing in strange places like Bordeaux, France where he now lives." That really made me chuckle.

Have you ever missed the US? I haven't been able to travel around as much as you do and I have yet to "surface in strange places" (still funny ... can't believe somebody wrote this:). But I'm not deeply routed in my home country so I doubt I would miss it much :) ... "Wherever I lay my hat that's my home."
I am not deeply rooted in the USA, although we have some very good friends there. It would be a shame to lose touch. Oddly enough, my best friends aren't even on the net in a significant way, but we're able to meet up once a year. You carry that friendship in your heart, so even though we can talk free anytime, we don't talk that often either.
Thinking about adult life beginning at say 18, I've lived most of my life here. On the other hand, half of my most significant experiences, especially in music, happened there. I think the "popping up" sentence has to do with having lived and played in a lot of US cities and then Paris for years. I did stop playing entirely, didn't touch a guitar at all for 5 years or more.
I can subscribe to everything you said about friendship here, Randy. You can meet really good friends after a year or so and you have that feeling you can pick things up right from where you left them. No feeling of alienation at all. You just enjoy each other's company :)

You know you surprise me with every paragraph you write, Randy :) Can't believe you haven't played in 5 years considering that the guitar played such an important role in your life. But you play bass now, as far as I remember. Rather interesting switch :)
I'm at the baby level on the bass, but I still play and record the guitar stuff for podcasts. I did completely put away the instrument for several years, and the reasons were clear at the time, too long to get into here. Especially since I am about to comment again with a "big announcement".
Since this is an unabashed post about me - but not a promo - here's the announcement:

Once again, I ate way too much on the 5 weeks in California and I need to lose about 22 pounds (10K) from my weight off the plane, which was 83 Kilos. I started immediately, and started losing weight immediately, because 6.6 pounds are travel bloat. They're the easiest to lose. Now I have at least 7 more kilos (15+ lbs) left to lose before October 20th. Will I do it? I'm going to embarrass myself here by posting it daily and we'll see.

Day 5: 80.1 (176 lbs)

If anyone wants to talk about how I'm doing it, or better yet, how you lose weight, I think it'd be great. Otherwise, wish me luck :-)
I wish you success! And I applaud your open approach to this :)
Day 6: 79.7 (175.34 lbs) 7 lbs lost

tip #1: always cite the loss in pounds, the number is higher! Positive reinforcement.

I lost about 3lbs in the first 3 days because that weight was due to travel bloat. Psychologically, this makes it a good start, though.
Day 7: 79.4 (174.6 lbs) 7.7 total lost

tip #2: don't slather anything on anything. This morning I spread about 1/3 of the jam I normally would on my toast.
Day 8: no change
Day 9: 79.3 (174.4 lbs) (note to self, target=73 kilos) 

tip #3: there's no way to lose weight in a linear way, so this apparent stagnation is temporary! I try to walk or bicycle one hour a day. Nearly 8 lbs off in 9 days. Exercise more!
Day 10: 78.8 (173.3 lbs) total 9 lbs lost

tip #4: Suck on things! Put a prune or grape or piece of other fruit in your mouth and pretend it's all you have to eat on a desert island. You'll have a long taste experience with no fat and almost no calories.
Day 11: 78.5 (172.7 lbs) total 9.7 lbs lost

Tip #5: Finding good snacks is an old trick, one of mine is 1/2 piece of whole wheat bread with a paper thin layer of peanut butter and banana slices on it. I then spread the soft banana around (so it doesn't fall off!). I look at this like eating a candy bar.
Day 12, 13: 78.7 - This is where it gets hard! Time to cut the wine down for a while.
Oh, why the wine? Think of the health benefits of a nice, well-aged Bordeaux as well! :)
I think one reason too, is that I drank a lot of water last night (in place of wine!). I guess that doesn't get processed til later. I will not make that mistake tonight.
Day 14: 78.1 (171.8 lbs) - total loss: 10.6 lbs

Tip #6: Stop drinking anything after 6PM.
Day 15: 77.9 (171.4 lbs) - total loss 11 lbs

Tip #7: Every little bit counts. Occasionally take a pass on sugar in coffee. I drink espresso and from time to time, I'm willing to drink one black. I already use a hybrid sweetener that is 10 cal per lump. I only use one lump in the espresso, anyway. Sugared coffee is also bad for the teeth.
It's Day 17 but I haven't lost anything :(

Tip #7: I've been doing this for a while, but I just saw a supermarket version that's about 20x more expensive! If you like pistachios, take about 3-4 of them and grind them up to use as seasoning in stead of salt. Delicious sprinkled on fish, tofu, chicken. In the same light, I love satay and a tiny bit of peanut butter with some hot peppers or sauce will spice up anything at all.
Day 18: 77.7 (171 lbs) back on track!

Tip #8: Eat healthy snacks 4 or 5 or more times a day. The more times you eat, the more your body gets trained to not store fat. Bad tactic if you think you'll be lost at sea or in the woods, but normally it works to help you lose weight by training the body. 
Day 19: 77.4 ( 170 lbs) total lost: 12 lbs 

Tip #9: Every little bit counts. When you eliminate, be patient and let it all come out! Drink a lot during the day to make elimination more efficient. 
Day 20: 77 kilos (169.4 lbs) 13 pounds lost!

Tip #10: Keep healthy snacks around for when you feel like a little something to crunch. Try radishes or celery, carrots etc. cut into bite-sized pieces.
Day 21: 76.6 kilos (168.5 lbs) total lost: 13.9 lbs

Tip #11: Round down anything that makes you gain, round up anything that makes you lose weight.
If you weigh food and want 50 grams of pasta, when you hit 48, stop.
If you want to exercise 5 minutes, when you reach it, if the calories are at 44, keep going to 50.
When I get to 101 tips, maybe I'll publish a 99c e-book?
Actually might not even be a bad idea :) I think some of the tips are really good.
I'm trying to keep them 100% original, there are hundreds I've read about.
Day 22-24: 76.6
Day 25 76.3 kilos (167.8 lbs) total lost: 14.5 lbs

Tip #12: Drink water more than anything else. If you like fizzy drinks, drink carbonated water. I have a machine that makes it.
Day 27: 76.2 (167.6 lbs) Total: 14.7 lbs lost

Tip #13: Vary your breakfasts. Breakfast is an important meal and you can eat more in the morning than at any other time of day. I have unbuttered whole wheat toast with reduced sugar preserves or a thin layer of peanut butter, or sometimes a little bran. Fruit an hour or two later and a few glasses of water help.
Putting this post in the same circle as +Christian Schlobach 's perma-posts and observe the behavior of this :-)
Someone in the world should now make a search function for permanent wall posts - but do we get a social media stream within the social media then...? Hmm..
+Randy Resnick, I share the post in question to a circle that don't have any people in it. When I select to view only that circle, I only see the posts I've shared to it. Quite handy for read later and similar purposes.
A downside with this is that the sharing initiative becomes hidden, which could cause some confusion if the author wants to see who and in which context the original post was shared.
Got it! I have a circle called "Save Articles". Same thing.
Honestly - I didn't find it out myself, really ... ^__^
Day 28: 75.9 kilos (167 lbs) total 15.4 lbs lost

Tip #14 Salt - Don't use too much salt. Salt retains water and too much of it will mess with efforts to lose weight. Plus, it's bad for you in excess. Many people keep increasing salt on everything because they can't taste it anymore. Food (if it's any good) will taste better with less salt.
Day 29: 75.7 kilos (166.5 lbs) = 15.8 lbs lost in 29 days.
Tip #15: Herbal tea - Find a flavor of herbal tea that you like without honey or sugar. Have one or two a day, instead of water. 
Need to lose 8-9 lbs in the next 3 weeks or so. Possible?
Day 30: 75.6 kilos (166.3 lbs) 16.1 lbs lost in 30 days)
Tip #15: Shake off the fat! Psychology is important to keep motivated. So give your body a "rah-rah go team!" daily. Shake off those love handles when you towel off after a shower, or just run in place when you brush your teeth. 
Getting there! But will I make my goal?
Well, the next 8 lbs. are probably the hardest :) But with 20 or so days left it is possible, I guess. I wish you success!
I may now concentrate on carbs, that's all the rage these days :-)
Ah yeah, if only all those diets that are en vogue would be as good as the hype around them :) If you cut out too much of the carbs you might end up with the yoyo effect. In all honesty, I would continue to do what you have done so far. It doesn't matter if you meet your target date or not (unless you have an appointment on some red carpet ... lol). Eventually you will have your ideal weight again. 
What I do isn't a diet, it's just adjusting my habits. Most everything I like is horrible for the waistline. Cheese (40% fat), potato-based chips and snacks (everything bad!), beer (bad), wine (caloric). So, I wouldn't just stop carbs, I think those are stupid "diets", it won't work in the long run. People get all high on these, make absolute statements about them, and the lazy will follow for a while. Eventually, they stop or something changes.
Yep, totally agree. IMO adjusting the habits is perfect. There is no secret to loosing weight. A few simple rules. Don't take in more calories than you can burn. Reduce the fat in your diet (but don't overdo it). Eat food that is high in fibre to fill your stomach. And of course exercise :) People seem to forget the last bit frequently.
I agree totally with +Christian Schlobach  here, shifting fat with muscles is not so fun when only using the scale as an indicator - result can even be negative! But exercise is really essential - so: just keep striving in the goddam Boot Camp, +Randy Resnick :-)
Yeah, muscle weighs more than fat so it isn't all about weight, either.
Day 31: 75.4 (165.8 lbs) 16.5 lbs lost

Tip #16: when you start losing waistline, try on some of the tighter clothes. They'll fit or almost fit and be a boost to morale and discipline.
Day 32:  75.3 (165.7 lbs) total 16.7 lbs lost

Tip #17: About your looks... losing weight won't necessarily make you look "slim and trim", you have the get the belly down and that will require muscular changes. You can do sit-ups, sure, but also here's a tip: when you get out of the shower, don't put the towel around your waist, which makes you stick your stomach out, put it higher, like near chest height. That way, you lose the habit of pushing the belly out.
Tip #18: Let yourself be just a little cold. Keeping your body warm burns calories and/or fat. Not shivering cold, but don't overheat your home or overdress inside in cold weather. Allow your body to adapt to the cold.
Tip #19: Walk and talk when on the phone. Don't just sit there, get up and walk around while you talk. It's a nice break from sitting and it'll burn the off what you're trying to lose.
Tip #20: Strong flavors let you eat less. This is especially true for things like cheese (often 40% fat or more). Buy the strong flavored cheese like Roquefort (blue) cheese and spread a very thin layer on bread or melt a few grams into vegetables. This makes a huge difference in taste and pleasure with almost no fat or calorie intake. If you love cheddar, find a way to slice it thin. You get the taste with less fat.
Day 33: No change. And a big dinner tonight (guest) so it will be a true test of will power not to take in too much.
Day 36: 75.0 (165 lbs) 17.4 lbs lost

As I'm collecting 100 tips for a book, I can't keep writing them here. Not because I want to hide them, but because I need the energy focused on getting the book written and published.
Day 43: 74.4 (163.7 lbs) total lost 18.7 lbs.

My plan was interrupted by two things: On October 4th I was yanked away to play tow days with a band. Eating was not really possible to control between the time spent on the stage and that spent travelling. When I got back on day 39, I got a bad cold and took a lot of medecine and didn't exercise, that also made it tough. Still, I didn't gain weight, I just didn't lose any. Today, I'm back losing it again and in control.
Day 44: 74.1 (163 lbs) total 19.4 lbs lost
Day 45: 73.9 (162.6) lost 19.8 lbs

Can I lose another kilo in 8 days? Stay tuned.
Day 48: 73.6 (161.9 lbs) total 20.5 lbs lost

This amounts to an average of 0.4 lbs per day, including days on the road with big hotel buffet breakfasts and a celebratory weekend with wine, large dinner portions and a rich chocolate dessert. Only four more days to get to the target zone.
Day 49: 73.3 (161.3 lbs) total lost: 21.1 lbs

Might make it into 72-73 territory after all! According to BMI, my "normal" weight would be 125 to 169 pounds. I think my ideal weight is around 160-165.
Day 50: 73.1 (160.8 lbs) 21.6 lbs lost in 50 days
Day 51: 73 kilos (160.6 lbs) total 21.8 lbs, 9.9 Kilos!

Two more days to go.
Day 61: After the Atlanta trip, I've lost track of days. Upon my return I weighed in at 75. The next week will be very interesting. I will want to reach 73 within about 10 days. In the meantime I had some interesting discussions, and learned a few new tips.
Day 64: 74 kilos (162.8 lbs) 9 kilos lost.
Susanne, my book is especially for men, but I'll be happy to send you a copy of it free in Kindle or PDF format if you'll review it on Amazon. There are probably a lot of things that work for women, too, but the point of view is definitely masculine.

In any case, unless I get into a life change that has me back to the old habits, I should be able to maintain this better form for a long time.
wow, +Randy Resnick how generous of you! Of course I would be happy to read and review the book for you - now that I have lots of time, I am happy for productive ways of spending it ;-))
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