What is #Collections101
Save the date: Tuesday March 28th, 2017

Want to learn how to create high quality Collections and increase your exposure on Google+? Collections 101 will not only bring you the basics on Collections, but also give you insider tips on how to create Collections that stand out. The event is March 28th 2017, at 12.30pm Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -7).
That's 5:30pm in the UK and 6:30pm in Paris/Berlin.

+Peter Quinton and I will be opening the kimono (figuratively!) to show you some of our collection concepts. Before you complain about extra work, know that creating a collection takes about one minute. That's right, a minute and collections get far more attention than public streams.
Watch here, live or in the YouTube archive : https://goo.gl/Xa0Lmx

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