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Americans for Prosperity. Theirs.
"This, it bears reminding, is the new normal. In a moment in the US that political scientists say resembles not democracy but 'economic elite domination', it's not surprising that billionaires can influence the cancelation of a bus line in a city halfway across the country—overriding the popular opinion that the BRT should go forward."
Is This True?

Help me out here American cousins - is this story true? I'd really like to believe it's a spoof  story because if it isn't..... I mean, it just must be.
Lawmakers just passed a bill making Bus Rapid Transit illegal in the state of Tennessee. And if a conservative advocacy movement gets its way, that's just the beginning.
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Wow. Imagine the things that could be accomplished if people could escape this kind of mentality.
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Randy Resnick

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The Food Room: It just doesn't get any better!
This is brilliant, with Josh "just died on The Good WIfe" Charles. It's actually better than The Newsroom.

h/t +James Barraford 

A fast food restaurant gets the Aaron Sorkin treatment VIDEO
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Brilliant !!!
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Randy Resnick

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Fun and Informative session with Yoram Ozach on using +Wireshark for Network Analysis

This was #vuc479  - we're currently up to #vuc485  this week.

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Randy Resnick

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Voxbone and your Hackathon submission
Voxbone can help you make your Hackathon submission more complete by integrating a landline or mobile phone number (aka DID) into your application.

Go to the link below and send the request form in. This is what you will get:

- An online account with access to the full Voxbone feature set

- Free usage of two landline or mobile DIDs from your country of choice

- Unlimited inbound minute or text messages

- A call capacity of two simultaneous inbound call

- Delivery of inbound calls and messages over a SIP trunk to any public IP address (voice = SIP, SMS = SMPP) 

-The account, exclusively available to registered Hackathon participants, will be open until June 15th. 
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Randy Resnick

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Waiting for the jackfruit store to open last week...
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Randy Resnick

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Question for Android Knowledgable People
What is the best way to disable a program until you want to use it? You may want things like a Twitter client to poll and notify, but I have others that I do not need until I actually call them. Is "Stop" enough? Or is there an app or setting of some kind?
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It's not a question of warranty. I don't feel like rooting it, even though intellectually, I've done plenty of tech things like building FreeBSD from source and changing firmware in devices. I just don't want a phone to be anything more than an appliance for me. I'm good with that. If it was a Samsung, I might though, to get more control.
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Randy Resnick

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I took about 40,000 steps in Paris on Monday and Tuesday

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The night between we had dinner in a Corsican restaurant and had one of their wines.
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Randy Resnick

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Can Dangerous Demos Be Far Behind?

+James Body knows.
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Randy Resnick

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Friday April 18th: #vuc485  Meetecho WebRTC Video Conferencing
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Randy Resnick

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Knock, knock.
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Who's there?
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