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The Discovery Dilemma
Although I try to post the geekiest VoIP and tech stuff to our community and the podcast stuff to the podcast community, some of it needs to be discoverable. In a recent discussion with G+ friend +Steve Kunzer, we talked about circling and uncircling. Combining this with the recent studies about the number of actual users, determined by public posts, you immediately see the problem: if you have circles for music, you're posting to a limited number of people. Your post will not be in search results, nor will anyone you haven't circled see it. Before communities, circles were the only way to categorize posts. (Ok, there were hashtags, but that's not going to propagate to anyone not specifically looking for the tag.)
Still, any limited post is going to be seen by those relatively few people, which is perfect for friends, family, local stuff. It's like a social mailing list.
What do you do? Whatever you decide, it will be a compromise. I decided long ago to just post almost everything public for discoverability. I know from my own stream (who I have circled) that if someone posts too much about a particular thing that I don't want to see -- and too much means maybe several times daily -- I will likely uncircle them. I would note that the people (and pages, for that matter) who post incredibly valuable information are usually focused enough to not be all over the place. It would be odd if the Red Lobster chain was suddenly featuring cheeseburgers on its menu. But those are more "commercial" in nature, the rest of us are human.
I haven't found a way to separate my interests other than hashtags, so if I want them to be discoverable, they'll just have to be merged into my stream.
There is a Chrome extension that manipulates specific hashtags from the stream from +Siegfried Hirsch. I have used it and if you are interested, give it a try:

Being "uncircled" carries absolutely no stigma
Suppose you are at a party. You may stand and talk to a group for 10 minutes, but often you and others will wander off and engage with other people. This is the way social works. 

Look on the graphic below, from wikiHow. Pass the mouse over each head as if to tag them. Sadness, fear and anger can be tagged, but not happiness. Why?
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Yes I am late to the show +Randy Resnick but I was not on the desktop to answer this. First thanks for mentioning the old Chrome extension but it does not work anymore and I have given up to update it, because Google changed they layout too often. But I have heard of a new feature called collections coming to G+ (see here ) which could bring to life the idea of producing something like you want. But it is still a rumor and not official.
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Randy Resnick (randulo)

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Do you think life is a meritocracy?
I know people who have survived, if not flourished after being born and growing up with mostly disadvantages. I have known people who had decent luck, resources and talent who wasted their lives and died in poverty. What do you think?
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+Cass Morrison caregivers and good teachers.
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Which Burgundy is Ready to Drink?
Into wine? You'll understand what a jungle Burgundy is. I made this script a few years ago. It sets up a weekly Tweet of wine that is ready to drink. I believe it's an example of Twitter broadcasting that actually brings value-added to the stream. The script looks in the database of over 60,000 tasting notes from the number one expert in Burgundy wines and picks a random wine whose drinking year has come. In this way, it gives a free taste (no pun intended) of what Allen Meadows offers on his paid subscription site and leads some people to subscribe. 

#wine   #social  
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Randy Resnick (randulo)

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That little tower does make her butt look big.
In a sinister warning of the Apocalypse to come, the image of Kim Kardashian appears in the smoke above the Calbuco volcano in Chile
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Randy Resnick (randulo)

VUC Sessions  - 
This Friday
Friday May 1st #vuc539  is +FreeSWITCH compatible!
The FreeSWITCH team has been working nonstop on code and infrastructure improvements and are ready to share it. The new BETA is being released this week with video codec transcoding and video MCU functionality in mod_conference. The whole team will be broadcasting directly from FreeSWITCH to YouTube live and demonstrating some of the latest functionality.
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Randy Resnick (randulo)

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Belt and suspenders? Its not even raining anymore!
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Randy Resnick (randulo)

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DSL Reports new Speed Test
Now with buffer bloat test

n/t +Dan York for reminding me to try it.
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Randy Resnick (randulo)

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It isn't about race. It's about culture and how narrow or wide the view
This is related to a post yesterday by someone (Koush) who has a huge following. That is presumably why the post's comments were relatively quick to descend into troll and bigot bating territory.
When you watch this video [ ], you'll see that many, if not most of the journalists present are not getting the point. They don't understand or feel even the vibe of what is happening. I commented that this audience is either "too while, too old or too establishment to get this." Then I mentioned that I am part of the first two demographics, so that's no excuse. The younger and more socially connected commenters got this, but then there were people who were all "why is it always about race?"

Then it occurred to me. It isn't about race at all. So when I, as a white man, say "too white" what I am really saying is, "people who have no concept of what it is to be anything other than white". And when I say too old, I mean "people who stopped growing at age 45 or 50".

You see, neither age nor ethnicity are the true issue. The issue is, do you have an understanding of other cultures (or generations) and/or any empathy with them? 

So when I look at Keegan-Michael Key (next the Prez below), I see a funny guy doing an clever exaggeration of a comedic concept. And when I hear someone say "a bunch of old white men", I don't feel like one of them. Of the cultures to which I have been fortunate enough to be exposed, I have a deep appreciation for their differences. I hope you do, too.

Intelligent comments are welcome. Anything else, please don't.
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+Randy Resnick all forms of governing become corrupted. Orwell had it right in Animal Farm regarding the equality of animals. It's in our nature to want to be more equal.... and then the corruption kicks in. 
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Randy Resnick (randulo)

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'twas a dark and stormy day
But walk I must.
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Randy Resnick (randulo)

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Obama's Anger Translator
As +Koushik Dutta's share of the White House press dinner with Prez playing around with the Key & Peele translator bit got lots of attention and faded into troll territory (as almost all of his posts do), here's an example of the original, which is funnier as it isn't PC or censored.

h/t to +Robert Stevens for reminding me about this, I've seen it, shared it before, and I'm a fan of their show.

Oh, I'm disabling comments because trolls.

Randy Resnick (randulo)

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Give ello another Look
If you ever find yourself casting about for things to look at or read and your other social networks don't have anything, it's worth taking another look at ello. Just as we see the "Google is Dead" meme almost daily, you see the ello "nay sayers" discounting the network. It's actually interesting to look now while it's in its infancy and follow the growth (or not) to see how it pans out.
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The image is the "Noise" view. The main view of your "Friends" is single column, fill the window. The content is more original than Facebook or Google+ in that memes are notably absent and shares are more original. You can get the same effect by being very fussy about who you circle on G+.
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A Thought
You know what would be brilliant? A collapsed listing on your profile of your posts. Just the first line (until the first punctuation, let's say.)
Go look at your profile or anyone else's and imaging how that would look. Would it be useful?

This is what mine would show:

We can eradicate poverty. You can make a difference.
A Thought
The Discovery Dilemma
VUC is really pleased for the Jitsi team
Mobile Friendly?
Derek Trucks Performing "Soul Serenade"
What is this new Hell?
YouTube API Changes
Just the day we were going to use studio mode, it's broken with no explanation.
Ready for the Robotic Spansih-English Interpreter?
"Everything Happens for a Reason"
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I would really like first line sampling for deciding to follow people back. I want to widen the topics in my feed. Your idea would give a sense of people's writing style as well. Maybe with a hash tag.
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