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Let's try this shot for my first #leadinglinesmonday submission.

+Leading Lines Monday #monochromemonday #LasVegas #Photography #Perspective
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Excellent lines and great B&W too! Thanks for sharing with #leadinglinesmonday :)
Perhaps my co-curator +Pam Chalkley can recognize where in Vegas this is?
Thanks! We had a good amount of fun that day too. I might be contributing some more #leadinglinesmonday today hehe.
I love this shot +Randy Ortiz, great lines and shadows!

As this week's guest curator, I would like to thank you for sharing with Monochrome Monday theme!
Thanks +Manuel Votta for the kind words. I will continue contributing to the great #monochromemonday hashtag hehe.
+Randy Ortiz I really like how the hanging lamps line up with the shadow of the railing on the floor!

Thank you for sharing your photo with this week's MCM theme!
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