Does Social Engagement Affect Search Results? a definitive YES! But don't take my word for it...

Is the most valuable part of your content, the discussion it generates? Can social comments add more authority and semantic search value than many marketers truly appreciate?.

These were among the questions on my mind when I sought advice from a handful of connections in GPlus (who just happen to also represent some of the top minds in Semantic Search).

As a result, I've posted a transcript from one of the most insightful G+ conversations I've been a part of, complete with some revealing (and mostly common sense) insights into what makes the comments you receive on your content so valuable… and what to watch out for if you want to keep comments from accidentally hurting your content.

Participating in the discussion are: +Ammon Johns, +Stephan Hovnanian, +David Amerland, +Bruce Marko, +David Kutcher, +Teodora Petkova, +Aaron Bradley, +Bill Slawski, +Sergio Redondo and +Frank Gainsford.

View the unedited, chronological discussion now (bookmark it). Questions around semantic search and search impact of social commenting are answered.

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The questions I asked:

Semantic Social Value

1. What would consider to be the most significant semantic advantage to having a large number of comments on a social post?

2. Do you see a correlation between this (from your answer above) and SERP results/trends you’re seeing lately?

3. Can you imagine a system, in the near future, where marketers will attempt to game social engagement to improve their SERPs?

4. Is the semantic nature of social commenting strong enough to affect search rankings in tightly contested or competitive markets?
In your opinion, do commenting tools such as Disqus, IntenseDebate, and LiveFyre improve or lessen opportunities to build semantic value, trust or authority?

5a. What's the most important question I missed? b. May I add your question to the finished questionnaire?

(Tip: learn the questions I missed and these semantic experts asked.)

Accidentally missed in the initial discussion, +Barbara Starr and +Tihomir Petrov who are invited to this discussion with my gratitude.
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