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ME & my mom always admire ur broaches
Why isn't Randy Jackson still going to be a judge on American Idol? I'll miss him much.
hi there Randy Jackson hows it going tonight i will watch american idol tonight please Accept me as your friend ! okay
randy I luv u and a big fan . I will miss u on American idol as a judge. no one will take ur place. I will miss seen that beautiful smile o ur face. may god continue to keep blessed u with ur other work u have to finish. take care of ur self . randy please I would luv to be a friend and following if u would accept me sir.  so sad to see u leave.
Thanks for being such a great judge on American Idol for so many years!! When Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul were judging with you, Simon was the tough one, Paula was the softie, and you were the happy medium. We'll all miss you!! I hope - no, I know - you will be very successful in whatever life brings you next. :) 
                            ROCK ON!!!!!!
From one bassist to another, you are my hero!  I'm gonna miss seein' ya on Idol, Dawg.  Peace be with you my brother.
The way idol did you after 12 years, that was a bunch. Of bull. Any new music. Coming out ? We love your music! Keep us posted. ! Thank you. # Gini rene ward
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