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My dream debate!
#RonPaul #Obama
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...and Gary Johnson. Might as well tag-team. :)~
I'm still not sure that I would vote for Ron Paul (he definitely has a lot of merits in his favor), but if the election were between these two it would be a hell of an election year.
I would add Tina Fey as Sarah Palin in to the mix!
That would be awesome indeed. I think RP is the only one able and willing to unmask the smooth talker.
+Mark Noble You're right Mark! Too much at stake. My warped sense of humor got the best of me.
Honestly, I feel like +Mark Noble's suggestion of Gary Johnson would be great. In fact, of all the candidates on either side, I would feel most comfortable electing him as President. Not going to happen obviously, but just figured I would put it out there.
+Linda Plue The whole prostitution thing is overblown*. These were consenting adults consuming legal services in their personal time.

*Pun intended.
+Linda Plue I don't base outrage on rumors.

As for the SS schedule - nobody seems outraged that housekeeping or room service might have had access.
I imagine they all had a cavity search.
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