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Good perspective. Don´t worry my will is in order for anyone worried that some errant missile might take me out while sleeping.
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Anyone who plays RTS games knows the US is doing it's bullshit lol
+Ashur Sada ;
If you think US army bases in ME are to support human rights, freedom of people in the region, or chasing terrorists, think again!
I have to say you are so wrong.
I lived in ME (Iran) for 30 yrs and I guarantee there are only 3 reasons for US army to be there:
1- Israel,
2- Oil,
3- Israel and Oil! :)
Let me give you some real example:
Saddam was killing Iraqi ppl for 2 decades. Even he didn't hesitate to use chemical weapon in Halabja against his own ppl []. Did US stop him? No until he attacked one of US allies (Kuwait) in 90'.
Bahrain government has been killing his own ppl for more than one year. They don't just kill them, but destroy their homes, mosques, and even the main square which ppl was protesting there! (Can you believe they destroyed the entire square at the middle of the capital city so ppl can't protest there?!). Does US help ppl in Bahrain? No. Bcuz Bahrain's King is a dictator who is being supported by US!
If you're not still with me, read this; Saudi Arabia is a funny story: There's no election there. The country is ruled by a king (like middle-ages or so) and his family. The ministers, ambassadors and every governor are installed by the king, directly or indirectly. Most of them are king's sons (The king has many wives so don't worry about the numbers :))
For your record, women have no right to drive in Saudi Arabia. If a girl is caught in SA while driving, she'll be sent to jail.
SA kingdom is the origin of al-Qaeda, just for your record again.
SA also kills tens of protesters recently, because they don't want King and want democracy!
So what's US reaction? Right: Nothing. Caz SA king is a US ally.

I have more examples if you want to hear!
"The US is only there to stop us from killing people!... And people are dying right now... Which means they.. should leave??" Cool story bro. I'm totally convinced. At least you recognize Israel as it's own country. I guess that's a plus
+Tohid Azizi If it was only about the Oil all of Iraq's would be shipping to the United States at well below market prices. It's not, ergo...

Y'all can either throw out the mad mullahs, or burn with them.
true, the US isnt fooling anyone. this just shows how not-intelligent the people in cahrge are. and the longer things go like this with their knowledge and they dont correct it the stupider they look
I see a weak point that the Iranians could exploit. North, towards Turkmenstan is completely open. They could outflank our side...
Ben E
Stop fucking comparing Iran to US and stop hating on the US. Iran are fucking terrorists who are almost worse then the nazis so stfu
+Ben Epstein Taking a moment to consider an issue from the other party's perspective is not hate.
I know a few people from Iran. One of them works at the quick stop down the street. I didn't know they were terrorists?! OMG I better call the dept of homeland security to save the day.
+Ben Epstein - Typical zionists' answer. funny!

The time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end. [Bows head] Highness.
- Maximus
Memorable quote for Gladiator (2000)
No ! cause we would bomb the crap out of them. War makes peace!
But we may be afraid to bomb them because of any powerful country thinking that we are weaker
thats true. but we must keep them in their own area or theyll probably invade america.
Yes. The US is their for it's resources but also to help bring stability in the region that supports capitalism. If there was no stability things could get out of control quickly with mass genocide and WWIII. Look what happened to Europe in WWII. Last thing the US needs right now is for one of those countries to gain enough power to be a real threat. Then we'd have a cold war all over again.
Fas sie
its true?
Yes. Shahin. Very true. A lot of Iranians live in the Los Angeles area and are very nice fun people. Many are friends of mine. People are people. We are all the same until our governments or religious leaders trick us into doing terrible things to support their ego's and selfish desires. And for those who like calling them terrorists, America was founded by terrorists if you look at it from England's perspective. Then if the terrorists win, it's called a revolution. It's all perspective.
Look, if the U.S. is there for oil then why is that shit $4 a gallon here? 
Hey Iranians, question for ya. Whats the difference between having a well spoken black guy say he's going to bomb the shit out of you over a dumb White guy? Hows the hope and change working out over there?
Fas sie
if muslims have small gun called bad people like that
all american have gun and ever techers r died by students r r r shot them
+Ricky Owens Oil is still relatively cheap in the US based on prices in other parts of the world. If you base it on the price of Silver Oil has not changed much since the 60's. I squarely blame it on the Federal Reserve and the banksters who devalue the Dollar.
Yea. Just wait till the world stops using the US dollar as it's trading currency and see what inflation does to the price of oil.
If Iran was no longer on the map then they wouldn't have to worrie how many bases are there.
Iran, North Korea, and Cuba are the only 3 countries who's banks aren't under direct central bank control by the Rothschilds... Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya used to be on that list. This is about the one elite banking industry that demands all people in the world live in debt to them, everything else in the media is smoke and mirrors designed by them. It's just all part of the plan.
I apologize for my fellow Americans. 95% don't have passports, and the major news outlets all report the same processed news with spin on it. They win the sperm lottery and were lucky to be born in a country that is wealthy.
+Justin Evans - It's a while I've not been to Iran, but last news comes to me, from friends and family, says that things are getting worse there in Iran. Before Obama, Iranian ppl were always being threatened by gwb, now they are threatened by obama plus they get very tight sanction, which affects financial situation in Iran and rises prices. Overal it's worse than before, thx to mr. president and aipac!
+Marina Smolnikova ;
Thank you for your comments Marina.
God bless you and all the noble humans who respect other nations and races.
I'd like to share this video to give some people a little more info about the background of US intervention in the middle east.

History of U.S. Intervention in Iran - 1953 Until Present

The only reason we think Iran is full of terrorists is because our government and media tell us so. The only reason we think Isreal is wonderful and needs our help so much is because our government and media tell us so.

If you want the real news, watch the international media outlets, and stay the hell away from the American ones.

When the Iranian people say "Down with America" they mean our government, not the civilians of America, and, if we put ourselves in their shoes, we should be able to understand their position ever so clearly, if we know the history.

Even if we dont put ourselves in their shoes, the majority of the US citizens today are also saying "Down with the US government "

And many of us are tired of the war mongering BS happening. (By the way, there is only one presidential candidate who doesn't want to blow Iran off the map, and it isn't Obama)

Iran hasn't started a war with anyone in 200 years, they don't have nuclear weapons, and even if they did, why are other countries allowed to and they aren't? (Hint: it has nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with people able to control people (and their resources) easier if you can keep them weak)

As far as the comments made about WWII and the potential of WWIII: A) the US is just about the only nation quickly driving us toward WWIII B) the US didn't step in to "help" everyone and stop mass genocide (keep in mind, there was denial of the death camps until even after the war, so we did not even know there was as much genocide happening until adding it all up afterward ), and were content to do nothing until we were attacked and dragged into it. We weren't out to be heroic and save and police the world, we were retaliating against an attack made on us.
(also: Read up on Eugenics, specifically in the US, the mass genocide in WWII was based on an idea and system that was in place in the US before Hitler began using it. *Hilter's system was based on ours )

We may have been the strongest nation in the world for a very long time, but it's not because of how nice we are and how much we help everyone and protect everyone, and nearly everyone in the world knows (and hates) that. The US has been acting like the big schoolyard bully for a very very long time.
+Vallori Zephyr is the voice of reason. My defacto was raised in California, and she was under many of the same delusions and believed much of the propaganda driven bullshit that nearly every US media outlet spews forth into the US psyche. Let me also say she isn't stupid, she isn't a Christian, has a college degree and had traveled to countries outside the continental US before we had met. If anything, the inability of these supposed advantages (degree, travel) to lift the veil of ignorance she wore is a testament to the sheer power of the US propaganda machine. Since moving to Australia she has a different perspective on nearly every conflict or issue the US is or has been involved in, simply because she was taken away from the brainwashing media soup that exists over there and has been exposed to international media like BBC and Reuters.
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