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Supposedly this Anaconda was found recently during the excavation of the new Panama Canal

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+Ralf Kaiser I think she would have found a way to get on the roof of the house! That's a big one!
+Mike Stutz How hard can they be to care for?  They only eat once a month. :-)  

And I think they like front loaders!
Sorry to be a bummer, but a movie prop is more like it.
Yeah let's keep that from my wife or I'll never move to Panama
holy Shit, and I am moving there in a few months
Now that I think about it, it's most likely just an optical illusion. It's up close to the camera and not excessively large, but the big mechanical digger behind it makes it look huge.
Back in the days they found snakes like that in amozon 6 hours to kill it with a d9 bulldozer far out
Haz Bax
Kill it, it's the last haucrux!
Plz give it to me I will make nice belt and shoes for me and my family .
I am a snake lover, owned them since I was a kid, but all kinds of no sir on this one. 
One in amazon cut hope found seven pigme bodies and animals half digestive 
Ya I don't think a mongoose would want to mess with that snake
Its an optical illusion; it is just up close to the camera. Any fisherman can tell you that.
Excavation=Eviction to that snake
Randy,i think there s some mistaken as the snake definitely not anaconda ,it is infact a python ,check it!!
Wow that thing is mega large savage... looks like the genuine article to me... just feed it a couple of cows & send it back to the jungle. 
I just want a nice shining belt..
0_0 don't want to get near that 
Hate to wake up with that in my sleeping bag!
Why is that tractor attacking that snake
To all, this is an fake picture by Photoshop, DO NOT SHARE OR PLUS IT. blur
unbelievebale ,
such big , around 30 ft ?
Thank god we dont have any snakes in New Zealand......
really big តើវាជាពស់ប្រភេទអ្វីទៅ?
so scared  
this is my first time to see a big snake :(
I lived in Panama for a year and half. I was driving to work one day and saw a tree branch in the road - stretching from the middle of the lane to 6 feet off of the road extending into the jungle. I knew if I ran over it, I'd be looking at a broken axle on my poor old VW. As I drove by it, I realized (with horror) that it wasn't a tree branch, it was a HUGE Boa constrictor!
oooohhhh that was one heck.. snake
oh my gosh.................its so huge................xoxozult
Is this for real? wow!!!!!!!!!!! Where is it going to end?
+aldren pobadora
 Yeah really. I was stationed at Galeta Island Panama in the Navy in '91. When I told the Marine sentry about it, a bunch of Marines went to go check it out. They told me a couple of the guys got sick after seeing it. Glad I just drove on by. LOL
Kinda looks doctored but wouldn't surprise me
C Hill
WOW!...they can keep it over there ..scared of snakes...
Shit looks real enough that's one HUGE reptile....I say put it on display you kind of mascot for the new canal or a nice kiddie ride for tourists. ...HA! !!!!
Is that wonderful Photoshop skills or a genuine massive snake!
That's got to be a world record for size 
OMG i domt know if thats real but look scary 
Ohhhh myyyyy Gooooddddd it can eat the machine.....

DAYUM aint nobody got time for that
there has to be more of them. Am sure that
Now Dougal, let's try this again. These sheep are small, but those sheep are very far away.
Ows...geeez...i thought anacondas are fiction just see them in movies..
hahaha.. photo trick
Wow what a big snake I wouldn't want to run into that
GOSH!!!! *runnin away from da computer, screamin....!!!! Is this real?????? Nooo!
How close is it to the camera? It could be held up against the Eiffel Tower and look massive if what it's hanging from isn't shown.
Sad that nature is getting so disturbed
Hope that the snake is sent to some Presrvatory
This is just unbelievable to see my good. is It Still Alife?
I don't think its all that big, its just close to the camera. I don't think its record breaking in size or anything, just average.
Anaconda do get that big. Actually, there is a reward for finding one over 100 meters or so
Sam C
Watch out for Anacondas :)
It is an Anaconda but can't be real because without it being dead you wouldn't be able to hold it especially with a trackoe
I was wondering where my detachable penus went!
I agree it can't be real but large
I used to have one for a pet and this is definitely an Anaconda, go google images and you will see the colors and patterns are a perfect match. I had 20+ snakes at the time and I would never own another Anaconda as they have a very nasty disposition and even those that are born in captivity aren't pet quality unless you want to handle it with gloves and behind its head. It will bite you constantly. I was so glad when it died.
the animals big like this cannot feed themselves. so the body will not grow up more than natural defined. this picture is lying
Linda W
ECPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want that!!!!!! i will name him unicorn 
Anacondas grow to be huge snakes... this is not a fake picture  Amir Afrootan...
Come on people this is google... look them up! there is actual tribes that go out hunting them down with just knives or spears...
Oh my gOsh!!! Is it a sNake....
Its just a family meal in Africa and thats why they are not tempted to live here anymore
Is that true????so scared me????.......
I'm working on this project, but have NOT heard about it.  A wildlife guide of have of Panama, does NOT list anacondas in Panama.
Hahaha like in Manado Indonesia we called that "Good Meat for eat"
Biggest snake I have ever seen in my life.
Queen B
That's what they should have taken with them in Anaconda; heavy machinery!
Já vi a pele de sucuri deste tamanho, mas viva ainda não... está cada vez mais difícil ver uma cobra deste tamanho.
I can't believe this !!
Lon W.
The bulge in the snakes digestive track just to the upper-right of the photo indicates a recent meal. There is no way that andaconda
would just hang there. Thing can probably move about 25 miles per hour at rest.
wow. I hope they didn't kill it. Probably did. The usual reaction of people is - find something - kill it. 
Mmmmm good eating...fill my freezer.
I think it's just held close to the camera to make it look that big.
i want to see how it is being held, that could be all angle 
Sha Zia
Oh God I am Scaring
I hope I don't see one on my seat tomorrow
+Lee Mondesir yes I can just see the newspaper report now: "man holds snake really close to the camera with a crane in the background" right next to "man squashes moon between fingers" and just before "Independent Social Media and Marketing expert,+Randy Hilarski, proves it doesn't take much" I mean the clues in the title. It's ok Randy, the comment will get lost in the cacophony of OMGs.
I don't think you will find anacondas in Panama it looks more like a python to close the the camara 
+Bonnie Telfer  I just had 2 make sure u saw this!!! Instead of re-posting it 2 the world!!! It's BIG!! Even if it isn't real!!
Panama , no joke , believe me i know 
Wow, you could make a belt for governor Chris Christie lol. Jk, I love that man :D
Rhohm R
He'd make a heck of a pet. Beware of the snake.
CoCo Be
Where is it country?
Holy mother-of-pearl!  Beans Mr. Taggert?
After  a minute everyone is posting comment on this post
Sri K
Dinner break, but who"s
I'm calling bullshit there's no snake alive,that would allow themselves to be Hung on a hook. At least not while alive.
i know right , that snake would have been tried to get free
Something that huge diserves to live
+We Change Blog-Environment
I've seen a bigger one then that.
Don't know that I wanna believe that's real!!!!
They make those Anaconda movies look as if it could be true.
Supposedly this Anaconda was found recently during the excavation of the new Panama Canal
I'd mike to a different location, like Texas. 
the snake is normal, the amount of people trusting this hoax is huge.
Looks like a couple bodies are in its stomach
Wooh u thought we r fools stop thze type f childishness!!!!
Where in the world was this snake at?
well Florida has a python problem and they didn,t exist there b4  but they do now.. but are dying off..anything that can kill and eat me that silent keep it away from turtle island. and they eat more than once a month when that big plus they upchuck there food to defend there territory and eat humans..
It might be false or it is real, but i would'nt like bumping into
+Victor Del Prete Col. Fosset found out that these do live in the amazon he spotted a forty foot snake on the banks of the river and all the natives said was. You should see the big ones. It is OK to believe in what you have not yet layed your eyes on.
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