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Orion and Meteor - Last night on the White River in South Dakota. With +River Halverson and NHK crew.
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You can even see the trees reflections in the water and enjoy the main theme of the photo at the same time. These dinky photos we see here on G+ don't do the photo any justice though as you can't take in the entire scene
Let me add something more to what I'm trying to say here. The photos are fantastic and they should jump out at you as look at them Almost like being there and really seeing them. That's why the small photos don't make it.Although in this case it does grab your attention and you want to see more. 

That's incredible. +Randy Halverson I don't care what Thanksgiving plans you have, drop whatever you're doing and send me a note where I can link to a hi-res version of this for the blog. 

Holy wow.
+Mike Trani Thanks. I know Randy's website; I've written about him before. The thing is I don't see a bigger version of this picture there, and I'd like to link to it directly so my readers can see this in all its glory. Because holy wow.
You're right +Philip Plait I don't know either but it would be great if you could. And God I hate flash. I also like the site Bad Astronomy and need to add it to bookmarks. Using G+ now but also use FF. 
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