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Randy Bush
old dog trying to learn new tricks
old dog trying to learn new tricks


at apnic, the "Women in ICT Networking Event" is being held in the luxurious spa.  pretty clear who has the brains in this crew.

Using APNIC 34 network, can not use OpenVPN tunnel, and a bunch of other issues.  This is gonna big  really bad week

ok, i gotta shout.  i just moved from the max speed centurylink dsl would provision (780k/215k) to comcast and am getting 20m/4m.  this is broadband!  not tokyo, but it is real net.  thank you comcast and especially john brzozowski.  and there is hope for ipv6 in the autumn (bainbridge island is a rural area, so not at the forefront)

i just noticed.  janog attendees have gone mac, bigtime.

a neighbor has a three year old dell laptop, powered by molasses, with windoze vista home edition, essentially the laptop from hell.  and they blew the login info in the registry, so it was inaccessible, no safe more, no admin account, no nada.  as they have little money and zero tech clue (it is used to access yahoo mail), i got to spend hours restoring to to factory (there were no data on it), updating vista with 99 updates, and updating a couple dozen drivers.

do i get karma points?

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i had noticed cultural vatiation in color taxonomy, but had not realized how deep it was.  a brilliant piece on the subject.

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the government tells us that child porn and terrorists are the threats to our free society. in fact, the government seems to be the biggest threat.


i was passing through bainbridge for a couple of days this week, and had scheduled the install for yesterday morning 08:00 to 12:00. i stayed home. at 08:00, the appointment showed on their web site.

at 12:15, it was no longer on their web site and no tech had arrived. i called to see what happened. i was told that the tech had come and left a note on the door. there was no note on the door. the phone agent said "well, we are going to have to agree to disagree."

she said she would reschedule. i tried to explain i would be out of country, but it took literally seven minutes for her to stop talking in a quite rude fashion. i told her to tell me when i could finish my sentence. finally she did.

i tried to explain that i was only available yesterday and today. she told me she could not schedule it.

i said that, if this was the pre-sale support, i could not imagine the post-sale support and to cancel the order. they must think they're at&t.

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this has been out for a while, but i have been thinking about it more and more, and how to use it as a way to evaluate action, both on a day to day level, and how to think of longer term action.

DSL on Bainbridge sucks to the max, thanks USWe^H^H^H^HQwes^H^H^CenturyLink. So I wanted to try Comcast. It was the most horrendous orderprocess I have experienced in a decade+. Entered everything online and then it threw me into online chat which took a frelling hour! Absolutely insane. If the actual net service is not excellent, I will cancel just because their customer service is horrifying.
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