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Randy Bowden

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Very interesting with the never ending follow the new shiny object in the marketing realm...

cc +Ray Hiltz +Jessica Dewell +Scott Scowcroft +B.L. Ochman
The registration desk at the Podcast Movement convention looked like the midday queue for Space Mountain. Half of the registrants' scan codes were coming up as invalid, so they piled hopelessly into the help desk line, which snaked nearly to the entrance of the men's bathroom some 40 yards away.
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+Randy Bowden Thanks, Randy. A lot of people are making a lot of money on people looking for an easy win. Always has been the case, always will be.

The good thing that came from reading this was the beta podcast app +Zencastr which I'm going to try for tomorrow's show.
Gave it a quick test and loved the audio mix it gave. I think it will add a lot to the quality of our audio, especially for SoundCloud. 
I'll send the link out before the show. Looks very simple.
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Randy Bowden

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The recap from this weeks #Ray2Go Show...

Hope you will join us, each Tuesday at 12:15 EST
What is human marketing and why is it even a "thing"? These are the questions we chewed on at the lunch table on our first #Ray2Go show of the season.
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Randy Bowden

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Time to revisit this subject...
The Ray Lunch Bunch delves into who exactly you are writing content for. Another super summer rerun!

+Ray Hiltz +Scott Scowcroft +Randy Bowden +B.L. Ochman 

#SuperSummerReruns #RayBunch
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+Randy Bowden Agreed. It is something I ask myself at every business/review check-in: Who????
And I always learn something.
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Randy Bowden

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What goes into choosing an image for our blog or social media posts?

When we first aired this in April, everybody was talking about the importance of adding visuals to our content marketing.

That has become even more important as we fight to be seen and Facebook and YouTube are fighting the video wars.

The whole world of visuals and social media is huge but the #RayBunch  has never shied away from squeezing big topics in our 30 minute show.

To help us cut to the core issues of the science and art of choosing that right image, I reached out to the guy who is as generous as he is genius in his knowledge of visuals -+Dustin W. Stout 

Evidence of his generosity can be noted by the fact that there is no "i" in the eponymous name of his website:

Dustin has shared many articles and appeared in many HOAs to share his opinion about branding, colours, fonts and other visual aspects on content marketing.

Some of the questions Dustin responds to in this show are: 

- What’s the most common problem people come to you with regarding images?
- What kind of images should we look for?

- How much text should we put on photos?

- Is there a danger in changing your brand visuals often?

- How should we approach creating video thumbnails?

Join us on Tuesday, July 7th at 12:15pm and bring your questions and comments. I'll be in the audience with you. :-)

Here's the YouTube link:  -

The #RayBunch are:
+Scott Scowcroft - The ScottTreatment:

+Randy Bowden - Bowden2Bowden marketing & branding virtual consultancy firm: - Twitter:@bowden2bowden

+Jessica Dewell - Business Consulting Advisory Board:  - Twitter:@jess_dewell

+B.L. Ochman - Google+ Events, Coaching, Digital Strategist: -  Twitter:@whatsnext

+Ray Hiltz - Social Strategist, Google+ Specialist: - Twitter:@rayhiltz

View other past Lunch Bunch shows on my YouTube Playlist: -

Subscribe here for my weekly Newsletter:
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Randy Bowden

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Happy that my #RayBunch partner, +B.L. Ochman is celebrating her 100th show this Saturday. Prizes await...
Please join +B.L. Ochman &+David Erickson for episode 100 of the award-winning podcast that helps marketing, advertising, PR and digital communications professionals keep up with the latest, the best and the worst in online communications this week.

And, since it's our 100th show, we'll have some surprises and a special gift for our loyal viewers.

So please spread the word and join us!  


Follow us on Twitter:@BSMediaShow 

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This Hangout On Air is hosted by B.L. Ochman. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
*Beyond Social Media Show # 100!!!*
Sat, June 13, 12:30 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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My pleasure to share +B.L. Ochman. Would love to but I have some labor work this Saturday :/
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Randy Bowden

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Crush it with Pinterest
+Gary Vaynerchuk
Disclaimer: I am not an investor in Pinterest and have no stakes in their success.Here's something that definitely isn't getting the attention it needs: Pinterest's ad service.I spend a lot my time pushing the incredible capabilities of Facebook dark posts and one on one communication on Twitter, bu...
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Randy Bowden

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12:15 EST, be there!
The #Ray2Go  gang had a hoot on our post-show Blab this week.
If you're around next week after the show, join us at 1:00 PM ET at

Next week, the #ray2go  gang will discuss whether social and selling should be seen together in  public. ;-)

cc +Randy Bowden +Jessica Dewell +B.L. Ochman +Scott Scowcroft +Nazim Beltran +Ross Quintana 
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Randy Bowden

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Looking forward to this #Ray2Go  lunch today....
The Ray2GO Show Ep. 1 - Why Brands Need to Be Human
Why do companies have such a difficult time of it putting a human face on their business?
What is it about Social Media Marketing they just don't get?

Participate with the show here - ask questions, leave comments or just say hi anytime before, during or after the show.

+Jessica Dewell +Randy Bowden +B.L. Ochman +Scott Scowcroft and I will giving our opinions and advice on Human Digital Marketing.

We'll follow that up with a post Blab session at:

The Ray2Go show is a weekly video and podcast broadcast that examines human connections in the digital space.
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Randy Bowden

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A good topic discussed by the #Ray2Go lunch bunch...
Who Are You Writing For?
As part of our #RayBunch  Summer Rerun series, we're re broadcasting another popular show from earlier this season.
Event Page:

What I love about doing this series is I have the chance to join and engage with you in the audience. 
It's also a chance for us to shares link resources and heckle the host!

Join +Jessica Dewell +B.L. Ochman +Scott Scowcroft +Randy Bowden +Vivekananda Baindoor Rao and me next Tuesday July 14th at 12:15 PM ET for the encore presentation of: Who Are You Creating Content For?
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Randy Bowden

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Hated I had to miss such a great topic!
What is a Social Media Consultant?
That was the lead question to this week's  #RayBunch show.

We covered a lot of territory in less than 30 minutes.
I was very happy to welcome friend, +Stan Bush to join our regulars, +Jessica Dewell +B.L. Ochman and +Scott Scowcroft 

Stan sat in for another regular, +Randy Bowden who coincidently also resides in Georgia.

Download to you favourite portable player and enjoy the +SoundCloud audio version of: The Rise and Fall of the Social Media Consultant.

#socialmedia   #consultant  
The #RayBunch
The Rise And Fall Of The Social Media Consultant
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+Randy Bowden And we missed you. :-)
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Randy Bowden

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So you want to be your own Boss. Give a listen at today's #Ray2Go lunch chat...
Is Working for Yourself All You Dreamed it Would Be?

This week's show: Self-Employed? Who is the Boss of You
A lively discussion about the pros and cons of "not working for the man" with +Jessica Dewell +Randy Bowden +B.L. Ochman +Scott Scowcroft and yours truly as referee host.

Don't have time to watch??
Subscribe to our #RayBunch  +SoundCloud playlist and listen while you do whatever it is you do.

#seflemployed   #entrepreneurship  
The #RayBunch
Self-Employment - Who Is The Boss Of You?
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Thanks, +Randy Bowden Great show. :-)
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Randy Bowden

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Want to be your own BOSS?
Who is the Boss of You?
Self-Employment: How Hard Can It Be?

One of the effects of the 2008 financial crisis - besides people losing homes and bankers buying bigger ones - was the decision of recently unemployed people to “become their own boss.”

Many decided to turn hobbies into businesses. 
Many made Facebook a hobby, then decided to become Social Media Consultants.

Five years ago, I went out on my own because:
   a. - I was tired of managing Non Profit companies. While fulfilling in a personal sense, years of managing razor thin budgets and putting out fires, took a physical and emotional toll.

   b. - I was always passionate about communications so totally excited about social media - seeing in them a way to address many problems I encountered over years in business. 

I managed people most of my life.
How hard could managing myself be?

(Enough with the rolling of the eyes...)

Are you self-employed?
Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?
Do you know the difference?

The #RayBunch  gathers around the digital lunch table this week to look at the advantages and challenges of being your own boss.

Join us Live Tuesday, June 9th at 12:15pm ET

Watch on YouTube here:

The #RayBunch  are:

+Randy Bowden - Bowden2Bowden marketing & branding virtual consultancy firm: - Twitter:@bowden2bowden

+Jessica Dewell - Business Consulting Advisory Board:  - Twitter:@jess_dewell

+Scott Scowcroft - The

+B.L. Ochman - Google+ Events, Coaching, Digital Strategist: -  Twitter:@whatsnext

+Ray Hiltz - Social Strategist & Google+ Specialist  Visit: - Twitter:@rayhiltz

Here are a few of our recent shows:

- The Perks and Pitfalls of Periscope and Meerkat  -

- Is Curation Lazy Content Marketing?-

- Is Sharing Really About Caring? -

- The Evolution of Google+ and Communities w/ Martin Shervington

- The Medium not the Message with Mark Traphagen:

Catch other past Lunch Bunch shows on my YouTube Playlist: -

Subscribe here for my weekly Marketing News & Views Newsletter:

Do you want to be in our show invitation circle?
Reply "yes" or "Maybe" below or leave a comment.
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