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I’m a 40 something early adopter of all things technology. I was first in line to buy my Verizon Droid AND my Apple iPad, third in line for my Wii U. I don’t hate your phone, tablet, game console or computer choice, but I have an opinion about each.

After a 15 year hiatus from gaming, I'm back in a big way. Over the last 2 years I've spent time buying up the consoles and games that I missed over my decade and a half in darkness. I lean heavily toward Nintendo, but I'm also warming to the PS3 as well.

Aside from my family, the only things that I love more than a new gadget or a video game release day are fly fishing and going to the ballpark. I blog from time to time about both.

I’m a sports photographer by trade, but have been working since 2011 as a technology blogger.

My current devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • Nokia Lumia 822.
  • Nexus 7 (2012 & 2013)
  • 11" ASUS Ultrabook
  • CR-48 Chromebook
  • Samsung Series 3 Chromebook
My current gaming consoles
  • Nintendo Wii U - 32GB Deluxe
  • Nintendo Wii - White
  • Nintendo GameCube - Black, Silver & Purple
  • Nintendo 3DS XL - Blue
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  • Sony PlayStation 3 - 250GB Super Slim
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  • Sony PlayStation Vita

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I come and go like a thief in the night. I'm an ass kicker and a name taker. A one man wrecking crew. I'm also full of shit.
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Turning down Skylanders exclusivity was a huge mistake in hindsight, but I doubt that mistake will "haunt them for the rest of their days".

After just 3 releases Skylanders is already on its slide downhill, and Disney Infinity is just starting its ascent.
The finest quality video game news, criticism, streaming and podcasting, made the old-fashioned way.
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Skylanders has a better gameplay and story but Disney has a more familiar characters rosta
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Randy Arrowood

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Not like I would expect her to say, "yeah, Ouya is dead", but she seems very confident when she talks about where Ouya is.

I unplugged my Ouya to move the Fire TV in, and I'll be damned if I know where it is, but I'm going to find it. 
Shane Menshik's profile photoRandy Arrowood's profile photo
+Shane Menshik it's more than a little disingenuous to say that the OEM's didn't update and that stalled the platform.

Vizio and Hisense did a number of updates when I still had them hooked up. Their motivation to participate was killed by the lack of consumer interest.

I know for a fact that Vizio had big plans for Google TV, including TV's with Google TV built in. That didn't all go away because Vizio didn't want to update the Co-Star.

Google won't have any choice but to make the first Android TV because I'm not sure which OEM they'd be able to sucker again. 
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After all the hype about Cortana in Windows Phone 8.1 I can now say there was too much hype.

Google Now helps me with useful information. Cortana tells me the weather and gives me a few news headlines that aren't relevant to me. 
Mohammad S.O's profile photoRandy Arrowood's profile photo
+Mohammad S.O I'm impressed actually. MS did a good job with this one.

Nothing new or groundbreaking, but WP now has more of the key stuff that's available on the other platforms. 
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I'm downloading the Windows Phone 8.1 preview right now, and I skimmed through this Windows Phone Central post about it.

In it, +Daniel Rubino continues to harp on Google over privacy concerns, giving the edge on privacy to Microsoft.

Which company was it that searched an email users account to find evidence for a lawsuit again?

Had to be Google, right? They're evil, right? RIGHT?

Nope, wasn't Google. It was Microsoft that searched through and used info in an account without a search warrant.

Mohammad S.O's profile photoRichard Dixon's profile photoAndy Lewis's profile photoRandy Arrowood's profile photo
+Randy Arrowood that's a fair point. Now you've explained the issue fully to me damn. That's some Fucked up shit. I bet Ms will get away with this shit also. What a set of crooks. 
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Randy Arrowood

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I've never seen YouTube in the channel store in the Roku app.

Maybe I've missed it before, maybe this means YouTube is coming to the other Roku boxes soon.

Even though that button says launch, YouTube did not install on my Roku 2. 
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Randy Arrowood

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Wait, a port is killed for a home console that isn't the Wii U?
Report: Amazing Spider-Man 2 May Not Release On Xbox One -
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+Christopher Person you don't have a point Legends was released before the Xbox One launch.

Microsoft hasn't done anything to loosen those requirements. 
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The single purpose app strategy works for Google, Microsoft and Apple but I doubt that people are going to willingly install disparate apps just to use aspects of The Facebook that they currently get from the bloated all-in-one apps available today. 
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The +Evernote app is still way too busy for me, and your notes are way too locked in to the Evernote system for my tastes, but I haven't exactly loved using Google Drive as a Notebook app. It works, but for quick notes it's just not as convenient as I'd like it to be.

Ideally, Google would release a Notebook app that links to a Drive folder that offers a more robust filing feature than Keep has. Keep is really nice, but it is not ideal for the way that I do things.

Enter OneNote.

You can rightly say that OneNote 2013 is as busy, if not even more so than Evernote, and you'd be right. For Windows 8.1 Microsoft released a free version of OneNote that is as minimalist as the Office Online and Android versions of the app are.

MS added creating notebooks and sections to the Android app, and after about two weeks of using OneNote exclusively for notes I've opened the full OneNote 2013 exactly twice. Both times were to export notes as Word files, which is one feature missing from the Android, Office Online and the Windows 8.1 free app.

Exporting notes as Word files (or something that is simple to edit) is one of the big factors that constantly drove me away from Evernote.
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Randy Arrowood

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I haven't used my Cr-48 Chromebook in several months because the alignment hinges were getting weak and I didn't want to break it.

I took it apart this weekend and put the epoxy fix on it, and now it's as good as the day I got it.

I didn't have any stripped screws on mine, and the hinge mounts weren't loose and wobbly, so I'm not sure if I caught it quick enough to not see those issues or what.

I'm going to put this Chromebook on my workbench in the garage as I'm about to begin work on my Land Rover. The rebuild and workshop manuals are ideal for this thing.

I bet I get another 3 years out of it out there. 
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That's not Netflix profiles on my brand new Amazon FireTV, that's Netflix profiles on my old ass Wii.
The Roku 1 & 2 don't have Netflix Profiles, and neither does FireTV. Roku 3 does. 
Jason Long's profile photoeric peacock's profile photoKen Jefferson's profile photoRandy Arrowood's profile photo
+Ken Jefferson the Roku 1 & 2 as well as the previous generations Roku 2 lineup do not have the Netflix profiles interface. I'm not sure about the new stick because I canceled my preorder.

They all have the new Roku UI that shipped with the Roku 3, but that's a different matter. 
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