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It's pretty tough to argue with this, as some excellent points are being made.

I'm more drawn to Xbox because of Forza and the like, but the exclusives are thin in Xbox. The cancellations of exclusive projects don't make things appear to be any better for 2017.


The Xbox One is struggling because video game exclusives still matter

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This looks like a near carbon copy of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, which I'm sure did nothing but help sales.

I won't pay for this because I have the real thing, but if you've ever wanted a Zelda-like experience on your PS4 it doesn't come any closer than this right here. 

So my wife's new Buick Encore came with the OnStar 4G LTE hotspot feature. We have a T-Mo hotspot, but my wife has never liked keeping up with it or making sure that she had it when she left.

We got out into rural Indiana yesterday in places that T-Mobile has never even heard of. Given that the data trial was already activated and enabled on the car we decided to put that OnStar trial to good use.

Of course we had internet access again, but we uses WiFi calling and texting and it was flawless. AT&T didn't have great coverage where we were, but it did work.

When we bought the car a month ago data was $20 for 4GB, which is a big fat no. Today, data is $20 for "unlimited". Best part, this can be added to the free Basic OnStar plan.

I will sign up for this no question. 

I had been putting off getting a new phones for months now. My Nexus 6 was limping along but there was nothing in the Android world that excited me.

The Pixel was a meh, and I hate Samsung to death. LG build quality doesn't impress me and I didn't want to drop back to a Nexus 6P.

Then throw in my overall frustration with Android and it was a perfect storm. My wife's Nexus 5X shit the bed when she was in Zurich last week, so she wanted to go phone shopping right away.

We did.

She turned her back on Android (which she loved) and bought an iPhone 7. I solved my dilemma with the iPhone 7 Plus.

We're both mostly happy. I can tell you that it's true, all of it. Apps are just better on iOS. Google apps, Microsoft apps and every other kind of app. Apps are just better on iOS. 

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That cuts a little close 

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Another Reddit swipe. 

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The King is back. Tomorrow.

I don't know who did this, and neither did the person on Reddit that I swiped it from. Still....

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This certainly is very interesting, and over time could be a huge problem for Steam.

I don't do much of anything with my Steam games, but I keep threatening to go and play all of the older games that I have collected but never spent time with. Same with Origin.

I can see the Steam diehards blowing this off completely, but for the Twitch faithful, the chance to buy the game in-app essentially and reward their favorite streamers with a cut of the sale? That's a problem for Steam.


Engadget: Twitch goes after Steam with direct game sales.

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Engadget regurgitated a Polygon story about an early Switch unboxing and they made some very false claims about the current state of the Nintendo account system.

"Unlike Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo currently doesn't allow you to redownload digital purchases. They're tied to the piece of hardware you buy them on, not to a unified account system."

This is totally false. 100%, completely, totally false. You can redownload on the system purchased on at will. Further, if change consoles and call Nintendo up to do a system transfer, all of your purchases are available to download again.

We can argue about how bass ackwards it is to have to call Nintendo to do a system transfer, but I've gone off about that sufficiently enough over the years.

To say that Nintendo doesn't allow you to download purchases again is absolutely false.

"If you replace your console, those games are lost. Fans have criticized the practice for years, and it appears Nintendo has finally listened."

100% false. This is so obviously inaccurate that only total ignorance by the author is the only possible excuse. This is the danger in having an article written by someone that has absolutely ZERO actual experience with using the device being written about.

I'm on my 3rd Wii U after a single hardware failure, and I didn't lose a single digital purchase. Game saves? Yes, that's still a sticking point for me. I lost hundreds and hundreds of hours of game saves when my Wii U crashed.

I was so upset that 3 or 4 years later I've largely turned my back on my Wii U because I'm still pissed about losing every second of game play from Wii U.

But I didn't lose a single digital purchase.

Lies. Damn lies.

Engadget: Nintendo Switch eShop purchases will be tied to your account.

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There was never ANY shovelware on the Wii and anyone that says there was is LYING!

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