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She lashed out at "lawless police conduct" that disproportionately targets black and brown Americans.
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Last week, photographer Jimi Giannatti attended a Trump rally in San Diego, where protestors converged to denounce in particular the candidate’s deeply racist anti-Mexican stance. Trump’s supporters were ready for them, and armed with pepper spray.
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"I'm not the greatest, I'm the double greatest. Not only do I knock 'em out, I pick the round"

RIP to the GOAT.

#MuhammadAli #TheGreatest 
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Vegans have the lowest incidence of high cholesterol, hypertension, heart disease - another reason to go vegan. :)

The Cholesterol Argument

Number of U.S. medical schools: 125
Number requiring a course in nutrition: 30
Nutrition training received by average U.S. physician during four years in medical school: 2.5 hours
Most common cause of death in the U.S.: heart attack
How frequently a heart attack kills in the U.S.: every 45 seconds
Average U.S. man's risk of death from heart attack: 50 percent
Risk of average U.S. man who eats no meat: 15 percent
Risk of average U.S. man who eats no meat, dairy or eggs: 4 percent
Amount you reduce risk of heart attack if you reduce consumption of meat, dairy and eggs by 10 percent: 9 percent
Amount you reduce risk of heart attack if you reduce consumption by 50 percent: 45 percent
Amount you reduce risk if you eliminate meat, dairy and eggs from your diet: 90 percent
Average cholesterol level of people eating meat-centered-diet: 210 mg/dl
Chance of dying from heart disease if you are male and your blood cholesterol level is 210 mg/dl: greater than 50 percent

Increased risk of breast cancer for women who eat meat daily compared to less than once a week: 3.8 times
For women who eat eggs daily compared to once a week: 2.8 times
For women who eat butter and cheese 2-4 times a week: 3.25 times
Increased risk of fatal ovarian cancer for women who eat eggs 3 or more times a week vs. less than once a week: 3 times
Increased risk of fatal prostate cancer for men who consume meat, cheese, eggs and milk daily vs. sparingly or not at all: 3.6 times.

The Heart Disease Argument

Vegans have lowest rate of heart disease and low fat low sugar vegan diets have been used extensively by many doctors to reverse heart disease in patients ►


For 100+ reasons I didn't eat meat for 20 years and dairy for 12 years see
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Randolph Anderson

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3 New York Police Commanders Are Arrested on Corruption Charges
The charges detail lavish gifts officials are accused of receiving and stem from one of several continuing investigations into Mayor Bill de Blasio’s fund-raising.
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From USA Today

Big changes at Costco: What you need to know

Big changes are coming to Costco next week.Starting Monday, wholesale-store giant Costco is switching credit card providers to Citi Visa, ending its 16-year relationship with American Express. For those among the Costco's 81.3 million members who use credit cards for their purchases, it's a big deal. If you're one of them, here's what you need to know.When does this happen? The last day that customers can use Costco's TrueEarnings American Express will be Sunday. On Monday, those cards will no longer work at Costco or anywhere else. With that in mind, customers need to make sure they aren't making automatic payments with the AmEx card.

On Monday, wholesale giant Costco is switching credit card providers to Citi Visa -- and American Express cards won't work anymore
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It's currently 92° F and partly cloudy in Orlando with active alerts. Visit

From 1Weather for Android.
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+Carlos Miller

A Los Angeles sheriff's deputy stormed up to a woman recording from a sidewalk, snatching the camera from her hands and sending it smashing

It's always a toss of the Hat when you go to Walmart whether you received good service bad service fast service for slow service
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The workers always seem busy doing other tasks inside the gas station and regret having to take care of customers
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Very nice and professional people I would definitely went there again
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8 reviews
Very busy during lunch hours
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Very friendly people fast service
Public - 5 months ago
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Unsafe area
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