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Check out this video on YouTube:
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Randi Miller

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Who is going to #GWOcon ? Let me know so that we can say hi!!!
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Yep. Just got here. 
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Randi Miller

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Linux Cheat Sheet

More Detailed :


#uname -a =>Displaylinux system information 
#uname -r =>isplay kernel release information 
#uptime =>Show how long the system has been running + load 
#hostname =>Show system host name 
#hostname -i =>Display the IP address of the host 
#last reboot =>Show system reboot history 
#date =>Show the current date and time 
#cal =>Show this month calendar 
#w =>Display who is online 
#whoami =>Who you are logged in as 
#finger user =>Display information about user


#dmesg =>Detected hardware and boot messages 
#cat /proc/cpuinfo =>CPU model 
#cat /proc/meminfo =>Hardware memory 
#cat /proc/interrupts =>Lists the number of interrupts per CPU per I/O device
#lshw =>Displays information on hardware configuration of 
   the system
#lsblk =>Displays block device related information in Linux 
#free -m =>Used and free memory (-m for MB) 
#lspci -tv =>Show PCI devices 
#lsusb -tv =>Show USB devices 
#dmidecode =>Show hardware info from the BIOS 
#hdparm -i /dev/sda         =>Show info about disk sda
#hdparm -tT /dev/sda        =>Do a read speed test on disk sda
#badblocks -s /dev/sda     =>Test for unreadable blocks on disk sda


#id =>Show the active user id with login and group 
#last =>Show last logins on the system 
#who =>Show who is logged on the system 
#groupadd admin =>Add group "admin" 
#useradd -c "Sam Tomshi"      =>g admin -m sam #Create user "sam" 
#userdel sam =>Delete user sam
#adduser sam =>Add user "sam" 
#usermod =>Modify user information

File Commands

#ls –al =>Display all information about files/ directories 
#pwd =>Show the path of current directory 
#mkdir directory-name      =>Create a directory 
#rm file-name             =>Delete file 
#rm -r directory-nam         =>Delete directory recursively 
#rm -f file-name         =>Forcefully remove file 
#rm -rf directory-name      =>Forcefully remove directory recursively 
#cp file1 file2 =>Copy file1 to file2 
#cp -r dir1 dir2 =>Copy dir1 to dir2, create dir2 if it doesn’t exist 
#mv file1 file2 =>Rename source to dest / move source to directory 
#ln –s /path/to/file-name link-name #Create symbolic link to file-name 
#touch file =>Create or update file 
#cat > file =>Place standard input into file 
#more file =>Output contents of file 
#head file =>Output first 10 lines of file 
#tail file =>Output last 10 lines of file 
#tail -f file =>Output contents of file as it grows starting with the 
   last 10 lines 
#gpg -c file =>Encrypt file 
#gpg file.gpg =>Decrypt file 
#wc =>print the number of bytes, words, and lines in files 
#xargs =>Execute command lines from standard input

Process Related

#ps =>Display your currently active processes 
#ps aux | grep 'telnet'      =>Find all process id related to telnet process 
#pmap =>Memory map of process 
#top =>Display all running processes 
#killpid =>Kill process with mentioned pid id 
#killall proc =>Kill all processes named proc
#pkill process-name =>Send signal to a process with its name
#bg =>Lists stopped or background jobs 
#fg =>Brings the most recent job to foreground 
#fg n =>Brings job n to the foreground
File Permission Related

#chmod octal file-name =>Change the permissions of file to octal 
#chmod 777 /data/test.c =>Set rwx permission for owner,group,world
#chmod 755 /data/test.c =>Set rwx permission for owner,rw for group 
   and world 
#chown owner-user file =>Change owner of the file 
#chown owner-user:owner-group file-name =>Change owner and group 
   owner of the file 
#chown owner-user:owner-group directory =>Change owner and group 
   owner of the directory


#ifconfig –a =>Display all network ports and ip address 
#ifconfig eth0 =>Display specific ethernet port 
#ethtool eth0 =>Linux tool to show ethernet status 
#mii-tool eth0 =>Linux tool to show ethernet status 
#ping host =>Send echo request to test connection 
#whois domain =>Get who is information for domain 
#dig domain =>Get DNS information for domain 
#dig -x host =>Reverse lookup host 
#host =>Lookup DNS ip address for the name 
#hostname –i =>Lookup local ip address 
#wget file =>Download file 
#netstat -tupl =>List active connections to / from system

Compression / Archives

#tar cf home.tar home =>Create tar named home.tar containing home/ 
#tar xf file.tar =>Extract the files from file.tar 
#tar czf file.tar.gz files =>Create a tar with gzip compression 
#gzip file =>Compress file and renames it to file.gz

Install Package

#rpm -i pkgname.rpm =>Install rpm based package 
#rpm -e pkgname =>Remove package 

Install from source
#make install


#grep pattern files =>Search for pattern in files 
#grep -r pattern dir =>Search recursively for pattern in dir
#locate file =>Find all instances of file 
#find /home/tom -name 'index*'      =>Find files names that start with "index" 
#find /home -size +10000k       =>Find files larger than 10000k in /home

Login (ssh and telnet)

#ssh user@host =>Connect to host as user 
#ssh -p port user@host =>Connect to host using specific port 
#telnet host =>Connect to the system using telnet port

File Transfer

#scp file.txt server2:/tmp     =>Secure copy file.txt to remote host /tmp folder 
#rsync -a /home/apps /backup/    =>Synchronize source to destination

Disk Usage

#df –h =>Show free space on mounted filesystems
#df -i =>Show free inodes on mounted filesystems
#fdisk -l =>Show disks partitions sizes and types
#du -ah =>Display disk usage in human readable form 
#du -sh =>Display total disk usage on the current directory

Directory Traverse

#cd .. =>To go up one level of the directory tree 
#cd =>Go to $HOME directory 
#cd /test =>Change to /test directory 
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Wow... linux cheat sheet. Something designers do not look at often. Wait a second... strike "often" and insert never. ;-) I am quite sure it has some relevance though.
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Randi Miller

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Playing happy music today :) Just in a good mood.. what's your favorite song that gets you in a happy mood? Building a good playlist right now.
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Randi Miller

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Check out this video on YouTube:
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Randi Miller

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Thanks to #BP  :)
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Randi Miller

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I love Coco Peru. Freaking hilarious!
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Randi Miller

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Randi Miller

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*NSFW* Southern accent was on spot... sounded just like my family. 
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Pretty darn good. But not the best...
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Nice campus. Unresponsive offices to phone or email. Must stand in long lines if you need something done.
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Went with the people from work. It was fun even for adults. Have fun and act like a kid :)
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