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Ohmygosh. When I'm on OKcupid, looking through profiles, ruling people out, it becomes astounding clear just how judgmental I am.
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It's a shame consumating didn't work out. It was sort of geeky and entertaining.
I'm amazed at how many girls come across as insufferably high maintenance. The other fun one is the ones that talk about feminism, and then in the next paragraph list all the things they expect to be dependant on a man for.
An aussie friend of mine linked me a batch of girls in their 20's, who weren't accepting messages from people under 60 with an income under 200k. It's bizarre sometimes.
Google+ isn't a dating service, so I'm not as critical. At least my okcupid profile seems reasonable - to me, anyways. :)
But Randi did define a method. Google isn't the same space as the other, where the method for that space is applied. We don't all deal with every situation we may come across in life the same as any other. That's not logical consistency or necessarily proper etiquette. 
Yeah, if you could make it an algorithm, you could ask them to let you query the database directly.
But would you use the same algorithm to query a database on Wikipedia?
Maybe if you wanted to date based on wiki editors user pages?
That's... actually a fair reason to do such a thing.
Some things would easily translate into math - for example, it creeps me out when a guy is ok with a female 10 years younger than him, but not with a female 2 years older than him. That seems like an unreasonable dating range. Other things that bother me aren't as easily to define in an algorithmic manner. Pictures of yourself wasted? Nope. Pictures of yourself at hooters? Probably not. Poorly managed facial hair? Oh, heck no. You're 30 years old and you mention how you don't have a career and you're still trying to find yourself, but you want a driven career women? I'm not here to be your mother. You're 30 years old, not in school, and not in any kind of job search, but you only list your salary as being 20-30k? Too much of a lifestyle difference. I'm not here to be your sugar momma, either. You can do some word matching, but that's all fairly difficult.
There needs to be okcupid profile doctors. People that can help guide guys to... not look bad. Same with females.
Sounds like a reality TV show in the making if ever I heard of one.  YouTube only of course - for the IT folk.
Outsource it to Amazon Mechanical Turk. :P
I haven't a clue what OKCupid is like. I'm not looking (since she's here). I assume it's more social than a wiki, if I had to guess.
It'd be interesting to see something with testimonials or ratings or something. It could be abused, but if you see something like "has a collection of human skulls" you can avoid them (unless you are into that sort of decor)
I am amazing at being single. It is one of the things that I do best. I'm pretty happy with my life the way it is. And it occurs to me that if I'm considering offloading some of the hassle of finding a potential mate to a scalable temporary workforce provided as a service by my employer, perhaps I should stay single. No single person is ready for my awesomeness.
I'm pretty satisfied with being single too, it'll take more than a dozen drunken duck face pictures to move me.
If you're satisfied being single, why bother with dating or dating sites? Seems contradictory. Just keep being yourself and I'm sure you'll attract people anyway.
Judgemental or not, why do we seem to find reasons not to accept someone easier than acceptance? Human nature I suppose.
The problem isn't necessarily attracting people, it's meeting people. I don't like dating inside my social circle because what if it goes wrong? Don't poop where you swim, or whatever. As far as dating while I'm happy being single - blame society. No matter how happy a single female may be, she still feels like she should be looking to not be single.
In my own experience, the more you go looking, the more elusive something becomes, just keep doing your own thing and it'll find you when you least expect it.
IMHO, being judgemental is ok, as long as its inside one's own head. After all, it does have its set of benefits. If, for example, you didn't judge anyone based on anything at all, what stops you from not judging yourself by that same criteria.

That said, I don't judge people for flaws that I myself have, not even in my mind. But for the rest, I judge the hell out of them but without passing the judgement out.
If you are okay with being single, but aren't opposed to companionship you aren't one of the desperate co-dependant people that everyone gets annoyed by.
I've also seen, (and been at the epicenter) of episodes where a break up causes a fracture in a group of friends.
I'm not especially judgmental myself, I'll give anyone a fair chance. There are things about me that I know will frustrate certain types though, so I at least warn them.
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