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FreeBSDGirl, PMS Clan, FLOSS Weekly. You know who I am.
FreeBSDGirl, PMS Clan, FLOSS Weekly. You know who I am.

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Earlier today, I was made aware of a book that had come out about women in tech. It was a compilation of women's stories. Sounds great, right? Not so much.

I had a problem with this book because the first author listed on the cover was a dude. A guy that has been known to talk about minorities, not because he actually wants to help them, but for his own personal benefit, both financial and with cred.

According to the book's website, the proceeds from this book go to "Singularity University", a for-profit non-accredited university with a board upon which the author resides.

It's great when guys want to support feminism. Really. It makes me so happy when men are genuine allies and supporters of women in tech. But when then do it for personal gain, all goodwill is lost. 

I directed some criticism at this author on twitter. His response was to RT my tweets, not from his personal account (the target of my tweets), but the book's twitter account. This was an attempt to intimidate and silence me. When I told him that this intimidation attempt was nothing compared to the death/rape threats I usually got, he RT'ed that from his book's twitter account as well.

That's right. A twitter account for a book titled "Innovating Women" was publicly harassing a woman that dared criticize one of the authors in an attempt to silence her.

After some research, I discovered this is a repeated tactic that he uses. Intimidation by public shaming and exposing to a wide audience is par for the course with him.

Finally, much later, the author responded to my tweets. He refused to hear any criticism, and instead attempted to guide the conversation, repeatedly asking me to review his book.

So I reviewed his book.

I'm asking you all to please upvote my review and share this status. People need to know what they are supporting. He's kind of a big deal (one of Time's Most Influential Minds in Tech in 2013), and I'm just one person. I need your help. Amplify this story, and let the world know.

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Looking for work! I'm currently in the market for a sysadmin/devops type role.

About me:

 * src committer to FreeBSD, but happy to work on any open source OS.
 * PERL developer. I can understand many languages, but I default to PERL. 
 * All about that automation. I love configuration management and diskless boot scenarios. 
 * Very experienced in AWS, as that was my former employer.
 * Experienced public speaker.
 * Currently located in the bay area.
 * Looking for local or remote work, contract or permanent. Also willing to relocate to SoCal. 

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For the past... well, almost year... I've felt pretty terrible about myself due to someone that is unfortunately close to me spreading rumors, talking about my personal business, and discussing our conflicts with people that both of us know. I've known about it, but there hasn't been much I could do. It wasn't possible to distance myself from the situation, and no type of confrontation would have resulted in anything positive.

This is emotional terrorism, and no one should do these things to another person. There are two sides to every story, but I'm not going to go public with mine beyond this post, because that's not the type of person I am. 

Thanks to good friends, I've come to realize that I'm not a bad person. That everything that's happened isn't all my fault. That despite what this person thinks, I'm not "toxic". (Who even does that? Who calls someone toxic?)

We all make mistakes in life. We all have conflicts. Not all of them are easily resolvable. Sometimes you just have to sit through the bullying and step back from the community from which you feel so completely alienated. 

I'm glad to be getting back my self-confidence. I wish I could stop being so angry at this situation. I'm still trying to let it go. 

When you hear bad things about people, you should remember that every story has at least two sides. Most of all, consider the source.

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Fundraising for a Robotics kit

Most people know that I am keen to help females into Technology as much as possible. I would love to even up the numbers. I am not doing this at the expense of males in any way, and equally encourage anyone with a great interest.
My son is in the local robotics club, but due to restricted parts and budget, my daugher is unable to join. Several other females have shown interest in joining also, however due to not having enough parts, they are unable to.

The Robotics they use are the Vex ones, as these are the ones used by all other schools, and the only way we can compete with other schools, however they are a little expensive.

My goal is to raise the money for another 'Classroom and Competition Robotics Kit' plus a few other parts so they can make the best robotics they can. The cost of this kid is just  over $1200NZD plus the other parts so i have put my goal at $2000 

Whilst this is personal fund raising , all the proceeds will be going to the local high school robotics team to spend on the items

If you can help, and wish to help some females in technology, please donate something, it does not even have to be a huge amount, every little bit helps.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart


ps. Sorry about notifications to those whom got it , i sent it thinking you may be interested

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R2D2 Leo

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Just added to the schedule for May 8th: +Dan Lynch and +Randi Harper will interview someone from +Sauce Labs about their testing platform for Open Source software (including smartphones and multiple web browsers) and their open source contributions.
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