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I received an interesting question the other day. If I had to select a single RPG to use for the rest of my life -- and I could not select any form of D&D or a "D&D Heartbreaker", which game would I select -- and why would I select it?

My answer is in this blog post.

What's your answer?
I received an interesting question the other day. If I had to select a single RPG to use for the rest of my life -- and I could not select any form of D&D or a "D&D Heartbreaker", which game would I select -- and why would I select it? That's an interesting enough question that I'm going to ...
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Apocalypse World and its hacks, or Strands of Fate.
I would have to quit playing. I can not think of any system that I would be able to learn that I would understand. I've tried alot of systems and I always return to 2e Ad&d.
I guess I'm kinda dumb.
+Michael Fuller There are two factors for me why I never really deploy new games:

- I won't prioritise learning new games. Skimming the rules, sure, but actually doing any level of prep gets bumped by the daily grind of work, kids and miscellaneous emergency crap that springs up.

- As kids we'd spend half of our gaming time just kicking back, reading books and trying new stuff. Adults expect preparedness and punchiness. Adults suck.
Call of Cthulhu. It's the one I know best and could happily run forever.

I'm torn between oWoD and Kult to be honest.
I'm really liking BASH! these days.  It can do anything from D&D to Traveller to Gamma World.  And, of course, it does super heroes.  
Jay Bob
Savage worlds, unless i was denied mini's.  In that scenerio FATE.
Weird Roleplaying! Of course I haven't finished writing it, but I've already run a lot of great games. It's easily adapted to any genre, any setting, any source.
I think Dragon Age fits the criteria of the blog. Character creation and combat are both very fast.

DCC is my current system of choice for Dungeon games, but I don't know if it counts as a "heartbreaker".

I'm also rather fond of Earthdawn, but it is a medium crunch game so character creation is a bit more involved.

Although if I can only ever use one RPG for the remainder of my gaming days I have to pick Short Order Heroes.
Savage Worlds.  Fast and easy and versatile.  I can really go nuts with it.  or Fate
Fate Core.  Of course.  Then I'd be able to play anything I wanted, even old school hack and slash D&D esque (if I wanted)
RuneQuest 2nd edition (not to be confused with RuneQuest II (Mongoose era). Red book RuneQuest with Rurik the Restless. Any day of the week any time.
D6 or some variant thereof, most likely Mini Six. It is generic, which I think is necessary for something like this, but doesn't violate your second and third requirements. The modular design makes it highly adaptable to house rules, almost to the point where you could argue that it's more of a toolkit than a system. 
Ian W.
Pendragon, BRP, or RQ 2nd edition. 
Spycraft. The system is fantastic and my group had put in a ton of time into making a 279 page gun guide.
If have to agree on the Basic Role Playing system, since it hits a middle sweet spot in terms of crunch and narrative for me. However, my home brew game system "knight errant" would have to edge it out... Because I raised my kids on it. 
For me Rolemaster FRP with all the add ones, if I couldn't run something using those rules, then probably never able to run it.
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 2nd ed. Absolutely fantastic.

Career-based character development, very balanced, more of horizontal than vertical progression. Relatively simple success testing rules, but versatile.

Nice magic system (no mana/energy, you cast as much as you want, but each spell has a significant risk of backfiring, risk is the bigger,  the more powerful the spell is).

Excellent setting, well developed, internally consistent, campy but not cheesy/cutesy.
Apocalypse World or Unknown Armies... deciding between those two would be tough... I'd probably learn toward the former, though.
BRP, then you could play RQ and CoC and more...
The question needs some refinement. Are you asking for a specific game or a game system? As an example, Cortex+ is a system used in a variety of MWP's licensed games, such as Smallville, Leverage, and the upcoming Firefly RPGs.

If referring to the latter, I'd go for Ubiquity, the system introduced in the 30s pulp RPG, Hollow Earth Expedition, and used in a number of other games (Desolation, All For One, Leagues of Adventure). It has just enough crunch to support roleplaying while not getting in the way of it and, in fact, actively encouraging the players to get into it.

In the end, though, I'm with a previous poster. I've long ago moved beyond the "One Game To Rule Them All" mentality. There is a veritable cornucopia of games out there that cater to every genre and playstyle. Limiting yourself to just one is simply short-changing your potential for fun.
True20 hands down. Lite, easy to remember mechanic. Usable for all genres. Focuses on the storytelling as opposed to most systems that focus on power gaming or min/maxing the rules. 
Strands of Fate or First ed. Kult.
Call of Cthulhu, definitely. But as I'm now a father of two little boys, craving for RPG, I guess I'd have to take mouse guard for it's simpleness sake. And yes, +Dallas M said it all, when it comes down to being simple as kids are for setting up a game play.
I'm not surprised that people mention FATE. It is after all quite talked about now. Neither am I surprised oldies as RQ and CoC are popular. What makes me amazed is two votes for Kult!
Apart from character creation, everything else in Kult pretty much flows. I found the system very easy to run with.
Sure, it's not broken (part from something odd with auto fire, at least in 1st ed), but it would not strike me as a general go-to system either. But, it's fun it's well regarded!
M&M. Not that I think it is "da one and onlyyyy," but at least for now it's the one that covers most of my current needs.
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