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Randall Goya

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I received an email tonight (I don't mind that they spelled my name wrong on the solar panel I donated for an orphanage in India that was without electricity :)

"Hi Randall,

A year ago, you generously sponsored a solar panel as part of our Orphan Power campaign on Indiegogo. For your generosity, we promised to engrave your name on the panel…and at long last, here it is. See attached. Your name is on  the side of a small panel that powers a security light over the main building.

The new panels make a huge difference, not only reducing energy costs, but creating consistent power in a notoriously inconsistent part of the world. On hot Indian nights, when the rest of the community is without spinning fans, the children in their hostels sleep soundly and comfortably thanks to many people like you.

From all of us here at the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission: Thank you for helping us bring this project to light. All the best,


John Marshall
Author of Wide-Open World"
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Randall Goya

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Happy belated birthday Jimi 11/27
Hope you got a phone call, a telegram & some mail
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Randall Goya

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Garage rock 1979 style
Listen to Twinkle Twinkle Rock And Roll Star by decibel.places #np on #SoundCloud
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Randall Goya

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4 mostly female bands from Brooklyn
New York City's really got it all, oh yeah
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Randall Goya

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First night of Chanukah
Shecheyonu v'keey'manu v'heegiyanu lazman ha-zeh
wishing a joyous season to all my friends
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A small Hanukah miracle - I looked for candles in my neighborhood today, no luck. I figured I had at least 2 left over from last year. I found an unopened box I put away last year. "She-a-sa nisim lavoteinu bayamim hahem bizman hazeh" indeed :D
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Randall Goya

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Jimi Hendrix backstage with The Rolling Stones at Madison Square Garden on his last birthday 11/27/69
I met Albert Maysles (rocking documentary filmmaker) in the 80s when I delivered dailies to him.
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Randall Goya

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"The most radical thing that Americans can do is vote."

In the Democratic debate on 11/14/15, the day after terror attacks on Paris, I was impressed when Bernie Sanders said, "Climate change is directly related to terrorism." I had never thought about how climate change can destabilize governments and societies, and create intense struggles for natural resources. Terrorism thrives when national governments fail, and people revert to feudal/tribal societies. Rather than cooperating for the good of the nation or allies in the region, each tribe or clan is competing for its tenuous existence. Brutal actions are needed to crush competitors for scarce resources. Indeed climate change is a destabilizing factor we must consider when we project the future challenges we face as a nation and as communities. We need to offer assistance to areas that are becoming stressed to adapt to climate change, or risk the consequences of social and political fragmentation.

As Americans, we need political leaders who understand all the factors that affect the status quo and their long term effects. That is why I say, "The most radical thing that Americans can do is vote." I don't care if you vote for my candidate. We can elect leaders who are sophisticated and thoughtful. We can escape the stranglehold of corporations and banks who could profit from destabilization with little regard for the social and personal consequences for the people. It's even more important to vote in local elections, a president or congressperson has little effect on our day-to-day lives beyond shaping federal policies. Our local leaders have a direct impact on our communities, public works and safety, the local economy and businesses, and our schools. They are the ones who should be planning responses to the stresses of climate change now, whether by flooding or drought or heat or intensifying storms. The best and brightest of our local politicians can rise to guide state and federal policies. Americans have a privilege and obligation to vote. Don't let the oppressors convince you that your vote is meaningless - that is how they oppress you, by making you feel hopeless and insignificant. Rise the challenge of Bernie's Political Revolution by saying, "I do count" -- and vote.

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 My opinion of her is obviously low. Some of the republicans I've seen at least have more sense than her.
 On the voting thing, too many people these days just feel their vote doesn't matter. They just expect people to do it for them, when doing so will only make things worse.
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    Create Drupal 6 video upload and voting contest for teens to promote new Adidas Moves Pulse fragrance by Coty Work independently as sole developer for project Web Services integration with for video transcoding Facebook API for user authentication, plus customized feature to let kids change their Drupal username for privacy so teachers and parents would not discover their Facebook name Media Mover Drupal module pushes approved videos to YouTube Channel Drupal Views display top voted, latest, most viewed videos and leaderboard Edit videos to remove copyrighted music in violation with contest rules Recommend Draggable Views Drupal Module for second round bracket voting after my contract ended Document Drupal architecture solutions
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    Drupal Specialist, 2013 - 2013
    Create mobile theme for NBC Alli Sports Dew Tour IN 8 DAYS
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I have been a tenant for 4 years. Foremost, I wanted to live in a "pet friendly" building, and many other tenants have pets, and I have never been harassed about our 2 little dogs and cats by any tenant or managment: big +1. Other tenants are friendly and one helped me lug an air conditioner to my 2nd floor apartment; others help me on the stairs with my shopping cart etc., and I help others with strollers etc. I went through a period of hardship because my wife is very ill, and I had trouble paying rent on time. Management worked it out with me, it took a few court appearances where mgmt agreed to payment plans, they were not exactly "nice" but they did not evict us either. The maintenance of our building is fairly haphazard, and I was almost evicted for damage caused by a leak they did not repair after months of my asking for repairs. We worked that out too, with another court appearance, and the leak was repaired. The rent is reasonable, the location is convenient for me, with a lot of shopping nearby, as well as my synagogue two blocks away, and several buses to NYC near as well. It's a nice apartment, with an eat-in kitchen and a small second "bedroom" I can use for by consulting business office. Overall, I am satisfied.
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