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Randall Bennett
Obsessed with making Data Driven Video a thing.
Obsessed with making Data Driven Video a thing.


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Um apparently I suck at google plus. I posted this earlier today but to my public g+ and not this community.

Hey everyone... So for hack ogden tomorrow we're going to talk about the new, and show you how you, as a completely inexperienced non developer newbie, can start contributing to it. The main technology we'll cover is Git, but with a smattering of bash, node.js, jade (template language) and some other stuff. Food will likely be provided by Noodles and Company.

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We're in TechCrunch y'all! Oh, and the reason I haven't been around: I'm in Mountain View monday through friday... as a part of Y Combinator. I'll be back right after YC ends and we raise our seed round.

So I'm still going to be gone at least through the beginning of April. My desk can be open to anyone who wants to use it... Monitor and all. If anyone wants to nominate someone to get my key card... I'd donate it for the time being. I'm planning to keep paying just to support Startup Ogden.

Bad news guys... I'm going to be in CA Monday through Friday for the next 11 weeks... so that means I'm going to have to postpone the product first stuff for a while. I know there's a class that they're teaching at WSU Downtown that offers similar skills, while taking a different approach.

Sorry about that!

Heads up: I may or may not be there for Wednesday's class. I'm going to mountain view unexpectedly tomorrow.

(Good things! Will share more when I know more)

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Anyone who wants to: We're doing a learn to code thingy on Wednesday at Startup Ogden!
We're going to "push off" into our big fat coding adventure! We're going to discuss tools we can use to code, and setting up our environment the simple way.

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 Can you do me a fav and fill out this form if you've even thought about learning to code? It'll help inform what we're doing in our new code course.

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Hey guys, if you're planning to go to the code thing on the 18th... do me a favor and fill out this quick survey.
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