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Randall A. Gordon

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+Coursetto is live! ...ish. Still have a few tidbits to handle (like getting SSO wired up), but it is officially up, in the wild, on a production server!

And please, feel free to be brutal with feedback, especially spelling and grammar mistakes, there will be plenty!
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Randall A. Gordon

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Multnomah Falls, Oregon of the most heavily photographed attractions in the Pacific Northwest. How to take a unique photo here? Well, shooting at night is one way. Not too many people hang around here after the sun goes down, even though there are lights to illuminate the viewing platform and the lower waterfall, so being here late is a good way to beat the crowd. My sister and I had hiked up to the top of the falls earlier in the afternoon, descending with headlamps after the sun set. It was a clear night, and the stars were out. It's not an ideal location to shoot the stars because of all the bright, mismatched light sources (one of which casts a bad shadow on the falls), but I was able to make a serviceable image with a fisheye lens and a bit of post-production. Hope you like it. :-)


Interested in prints? I have a selection available on my website:
Please contact me about custom orders! :)


#landscapephotography +Landscape Photography +Landscape Photography Show +Margaret Tompkins +Jim Warthman +Kevin Rowe +Johan Peijnenburg +David Heath Williams +Tom Hierl +Carolyn Lim +Tom Sloan +Howard L. Smith +Kai Kosonen +Tony Heyward +Sheila B. DuBois +Sandra Brown +Vishal Kumar +Toshi Nakamura +David Pilasky

#10000photographers by +Robert SKREINER 

#USA   #Multnomah   #Oregon   #Portland  
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Consider my interest...piqued.
Announcing Tesla business leasing for Model S:
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Randall A. Gordon

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Experience life in the slow lane. Because your users are.
Grunt task for simulating slow connections: & the module it uses:
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This is super cool! Thanks for the tip!
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Randall A. Gordon

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Then this happened.

(More deets soon, if you want to follow along more closely, toss your email at the form on )
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We need to start planning the launch party. I think cigars and a good single mault is in order.
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Randall A. Gordon

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Ah, progress! Replaced my home theater remotes with the Breadboard of Cthulhu™... Custom PCB is up next.

Huge thanks to +Alex Bain and his project for providing the wiring and software setup details!
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Randall A. Gordon

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+Nate Geier put together a demo video of +Coursetto! Be on the look out for even more info soon. If you need a training solution, don't hesitate to get in touch with either of us!
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Heartbleed in pictures.

This is the most accessible explanation yet, from xkcd.

#Heartbleed #xkcd #security
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Randall A. Gordon

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SDN for all.
We are making the cutting-edge networking technology that powers Google services available to Cloud Platform users across the world. Learn more about Andromeda here:
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Randall A. Gordon

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Each Chrome OS device has been sound crafted since the very beginning.

Imagine people sitting in a quiet room and trying to make it sound right, getting user feedback and adjust over time. That’s pretty much what is happening.

To help them in this quest, the chromium team has built a web app for tuning audio using the Web Audio API at you can play with. Load an audio file and adjust curves as you like ;)
Most enthusiastic developers will enjoy reading the file to understand how it works under the hood.

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Design and Web Development
  • Mind Kitchen
    Design Lead, 2010 - present
  • Coursetto
    CTO, Co-Founder, 2013 - present
  • Radio Shack
  • Radio Fiesta Network LLC
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My blood bleeds web.
I create. At least, I strive to in everything I do. This simple phrase serves as more of a personal reminder, a mantra, than anything else. Not only is it a hat tip to my creative pursuits (design, development, photography, music and many others) it is also a personal goal—to attempt to create more than I consume.
Favorite Quotations:

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”—Whole Earth Catalog, final issue.

“The value of life can be measured by how many times your soul has been deeply stirred.”—Soichiro Honda

“I swear, by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.” —John Galt's Oath from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged

“I will not attack your doctrines nor your creeds if they accord liberty to me. If they hold thought to be dangerous—if they aver that doubt is a crime, then I attack them one and all, because they enslave the minds of men.” -Robert Green Ingersoll

“Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.”—Richard Feynman

“The future is already here—it's just not very evenly distributed.”—William Gibson

“Never let your schooling interfere with your education.”—Mark Twain (Spot. On.)

I’m trying to build a jigsaw puzzle. I wish I could show you what it will be, but the picture isn’t on the box.”—Bret Victor

“Science adjusts its views based on what's observed; Faith is the denial of observation so that belief can be preserved.”—Tim Minchin, from "Storm"

“Those saying something is impossible are often interrupted by those already doing it.”—Unknown

“It's not that I have little faith in it working. I have much science in it not.”—Adam Savage

“The direct use of physical force is so poor a solution to the problem of limited resources that it is commonly employed only by small children and great nations.”—David Friedman

‎“If almost everyone is in favor of feeding the hungry, the politician may find it in his interest to do so. But, under those circumstances, the politician is unnecessary: some kind soul will give the hungry man a meal anyway. If the great majority is against the hungry man, some kind soul among the minority still may feed him—the politician will not.”—David Friedman

‎“It is merely a metaphor to call competition competitive war, or simply, war. The function of battle is destruction; of competition, construction.”—Ludwig von Mises

“Abundance has its own tactics, for it turns out that control doesn't scale.”—David Weinberger

“If every tool, when ordered, or even of its own accord, could do the work that befits it… then there would be no need either of apprentices for the master workers or of slaves for the lords.”—Aristotle

“If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.”—Henry Ford (Innovate! Innovate! Innovate!)

“Technology is stuff that doesn't work yet.”—Bran Ferren

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”—Saint-Exupéry

“The value is in what gets used, not what gets built.”—Kris Gale

“In a well-made book, where designer, compositor and printer have all done their jobs, no matter how many thousands of lines and pages they must occupy, the letters are alive. They dance in their seats. Sometimes they rise and dance in the margins and aisles.”—Robert Bringhurst, The Elements of Typographic Style

No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.”—Stanisław Jerzy Lec

“I came here to say that I do not recognize anyone's right to one minute of my life. Nor to any part of my energy. Nor to any achievement of mine. No matter who makes the claim, how large their number or how great their need.” —Howard Roark from Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead

“You'll get everything society can give a man. You'll keep all the money. You'll take any fame or honor anyone might want to grant. You'll accept such gratitude as the tenants might feel. And I—I'll take what nobody can give a man, except himself. I will have built Cortlandt.”
“You're getting more than I am, Howard.”
—Exchange between Howard Roark and Peter Keating from Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead
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Got to air a beatmatched mix of Johnny Cash EDM remixes on a Country radio station.
  • Oregon Institute of Technology
  • Lebanon High School
  • Sodaville School
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Tempo Automation

What if electronics development moved as fast as software development?

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Smart Mocha

Simplifying the Industrial Internet


A hardware conference for software developers!


Visual problem-solving and experimental tools.

Project Loon

Balloon-powered Internet for everyone.

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The creative source for royalty-free stock macro photography


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