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Randal McDowell (Randal2k)
Tech fan, Geek, Nerd, movie Fanatic, that's ME!
Tech fan, Geek, Nerd, movie Fanatic, that's ME!


A+ test scheduled for Aug 10th.

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Memories, found in storage. +Susan McDowell+Charles McDowell

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Sometimes life gets hard, this wasn't done lightly, but I need the help.
I have been studying the a+ for over 6 months and I am ready for the test, just can't seem to save up enough money.

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Wow, juries continue to fail. Now that I am paying attention.
Sorry to the family, even if the justice system fails, know, that there are those of us that find this to be a horrible injustice.

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I have been hearing all sorts of things out there about the Comptia A+, like
"Don't even bother. I got mine years ago and CompTIA certs are not worth the paper they're printed on. They're an inside joke in the IT world. If you want to get a cert then your best bet is CISCO or Microsoft." (comment from a forum in 2006).

Do you have an A+, did it help you get a better job?

I have 25 years experience in IT, and support.
Would it really do anything for me?

Did Jury duty over the last 3 days. It ended with people making decisions based on bias and not facts. Every time I spoke of the facts, but soon I was just told to shut up. That's right, I was censored and told i was not to talk by the other jurors. I know now that the case we worked, the Chaffee case was indeed a farce. In the end nothing was based on the evidence. IMHO.

I will do anything to never be in that position again.

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My 200 word RPG submission.
Yeah I did it.... 188 words.


A great show... a second season is needed... but, I don't want to see what happens next.

#netflix thanks for another great show!

#motog4 +Lenovo
Just got the nougat update.... Moto g4 (Amazon edition!)
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