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NBC failed to cover the saddest story of the Olympics.  WTF? A 15-year-old volunteer in charge of timekeeping a fencing match fumbles, costing a likely-gold-medal winner a chance at any medal?? Sad.
Recently, our own Bruce Jacobs wrote about how the coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games was just fine, and how nobody should be airing their grievances about
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this is indeed one sad story ......... to lose the chance for Olympic Gold because of a time keeper ......
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I think it's funny the headline talks about American media not covering the story yet it's on an ESPN radio Web Page and both Fox Sports ans ESPN covered the story
I watched this live from a hotel room in German.  I don't speak German so I had no clue whatsoever what was happening.  They just kept showing the judges and the poor lady distraught on the fencing strip for the entire hour it drug out.  Even lacking the knowledge of what was happening, you couldn't help but feel how powerful a scene was playing out.  I really felt for her.  It is one thing to lose in controversy but to have it drag out like that for that long was just devastating.  I didn't find out what the controversy was until I got a decent Internet connection in London a few days later and could look it up. 
Page isn't loading for me. Given all the money involved in the Olympics why do they have to depend on 15 year old volunteers?
Imagine if they allowed 15 year olds to compete unpaid at the Olympics, how would they ever manage to keep track of what they were doing? The fuckup is that the appeal was denied. The only other mistake was the 15 year old not resetting the time.
Fact check please... from the updated article,
UPDATE (8/4/2012 3:19 P.M.): Shin and the South Korean team won the silver medal in today’s women’s team epee final against China. A somewhat happy ending to the story.

Re: costing a likely-gold-medal winner a chance at any medal?

Poor 15 year old kid. I hope for his sake he just choked under pressure, didn't perform, that he actually knew how to run the  timekeeping. Seems like quite a grievous screw up though!
yeah thats some bullshit!
Am I the only American who doesn't especially care whether or not America is in an event or not? I haven't been watching the Olympics super close, but when I turn them on, I just watch what's on. Whether or not an American is participating never concerns me. I just enjoy seeing athletes at their best, no mater country of origin. I can't decide if all this is just a stupid network assuming all Americans are too dumb to appreciate non-Americans doing their thing, or if the US is really just that nationalist. 
Having fenced myself, this story is completely unacceptable.  It is the height of insult for her appeal to have been denied when the opponent essentially cheated with help to win.
+Tony Bullard America is really that Nationalist.  Since the Sydney Olympics, they've myopically reported just on American athletes.  Gone are the days when the U.S. media reported on heartfelt stories of war-torn country's athletes or people who rose from abject poverty to become an icon for their nation.

Gone are the days when the U.S. news sources reported anything that didn't personally involve us in some way.
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