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Linux Outlaws interviews Randal Schwartz (hey, that's me!) Linux Outlaws - Interview with Randal Schwartz
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Xah Lee
wow that's nice. Though we've exchanged email now and than in past, but i've never seen you on video. (possibly except once in 1999 at some linux expo in San Jose, but i don't remember) You are much more chatty/funny and social than i expected (my image of you was empty anyway).

so a good O'Reilly book gets the author just 5k? ugh.

great info on perl6... still watching the vid. Only at 17:00 now. 1/4th way thru.
Awesome! One more notable instance to keep you in Wikipedia too :)
+Xah Lee It's the truth... $5k is a typical advance, and is also typical of what an author ever receives. I've been more fortunate, but only by having some killer books.
That was a good interview Randal. If anything you seem to be even more comfortable being interviewed than when you interview others :)
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