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And after Battleship: The Game: The Movie, why not Rock Paper Scissors? :)
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'cause Rock-Paper-Scissors isn't owned by Hasbro.

Besides, everyone now plays Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock.
After all, Hugh Jackman did Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots last year
Hungry Hungry Hippos is still the best mockup I've seen.

The only thing that could be better would be Hungry Hungry Hippos vs the Huge Manatee.
+Peter da Silva I'd actually pay to see Hungry Hungry Hippos vs the Huge Manatee. Especially if they both ganged up on Justin Bieber.
Now Mousetrap would be awesome
There's one on YouTube that does a Tetris movie. Kind of a parody on Battleship.
ohhh, good one! i wanna see Monopoly:THE MOVIE! AH! ^_^
I hope this does not make its way to an Hollywood producer...
A-HAHAHA! i wanna see how they react if we told them to make this movie.
@David lets pray it dosent. but it wouldnt surprise me if it did
connect four: the movie. "Dont let them alien scum get that last red" NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"
Rock, paper, scissors, dynamite, Lizard, Spock
I think Tetris is more likey sorry
truthfully though videogame movies always suck, so tetris would no doubt be horrible
Angry Birds movie anyone?
They missed out Lizard and Spock.

As for Mousetrap the Movie... it'd get three quarters of the way through and then just stop working.
Rock is dead! Long live paper, scissors. :)
Connect 4 would be too complicated.
I propose Connect 1 for the Idiocracy crowd.
I'm glad they are not likely to do the game "Life"
Actual games that might make good movies:

I do believe that this will one day become a movie, if it hasn't already
Wasn't there a "trailer" for the Angry Birds film around last year?
They sold "spin a bottle" a box with an empty bottle in!
I'm not sure I want to have my world's destiny determined by three hands! "Let's go two out of three..."
I already saw the preview for "Connect 4: The beginning"
we laugh now, but when it happens we'll cry.
I am holding out for "Operation" the Movie
Thing is, Rock Paper Scissors is free. Nobody owns it- so there's no profit.
Now Hungry, Hungry Hippos- fighting time-travel terrorists from the future- and you've got a movie....
wow deep thought was always looking for these..
just add aliens and it will be a blockbuster
hungry hungry hippos are tired of rocks and eat humans and attack new york :)
but battleship was actually pretty good
battleship stays rock paper sisscors go away as i would say
I'll be the first in line for "Slinky: The Movie" :D
"Tic-Tac-Toe: The movie" Will humanity get the center square? :P
That is some fuckin weird movie :P
I hear the twist ending is a real shocker
I hope its as good as Battleship! Oh yeah I went there ;)
Rob C
I guess that answers the question of which would win. Paper has five Engines (or Lasers).
Featuring The Rock as "Rock," Johnny Depp as "Scissors" and who as Paper?
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