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Randal L. Schwartz

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Confirmed for tomorrow: Ross Reedstrom, Kathi Fletcher - Connexions (, interviewed by +Randal L. Schwartz and +Simon Phipps. Watch/chat beginning 8:30am Pacific Time on
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Randal L. Schwartz

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Confirmed for tomorrow: JiaQiang Xu - Seafile (, interviewed by +Randal L. Schwartz and +Gareth Greenaway.  Watch/chat at
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So what does the fox say?  (And Yeah, I'm a few months late on this meme…)

Ylvis - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) [Official music video HD]
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Well, look it up on Google.
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Randal L. Schwartz

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Coming up tomorrow, +Aaron Newcomb and +Dan Lynch interview Edward Cable, Vishwas Babu - Mifos X (  Watch/chat at!
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Hilarious that most of the Google AdWord ads are in Turkish, just because I'm coming from a turkish IP, without regard for the browser language.
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+Randal L. Schwartz could you try setting your browser-language to anything else than English or Turkish? My bet would be that English is especially prone to be overridden because it is the default.
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Someone with a Master's Degree in Science gets to the bottom of what passes for "nutrition science":

«And so begun my journey into a land of bullsh*t and fantasy that is ‘established’ human nutrition theory.  I can confidently say I do not know of any field of human endeavor in which so much bullsh*t, unsubstantiated hypotheses and complete nonsense has been presented and accepted as science and as conventional wisdom.  Pick any subject from saturated fat, to fish-oil supplements, antioxidants supplementation, to the benefits of fibre in lowering cancer and you get – drum roll – nothing!  Nothing but really bad science, wishful thinking and the wilful misrepresentation by an industry that pretends it knows what it is doing.  »
#health   #lchf   #keto  
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Yes I pity the world if there were not men and women like this...
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To my turkish friends:

Apparently, I photobombed a taping of some show called roughly "We Travel Turkey" yesterday at Göbekli Tepe. If you're aware of the show, please watch for me standing in front of the map of the place, while the male host walks towards the female host and starts to ask her questions (I think).  Of course, I turned and stared directly at the camera, which was clearly shooting me and the male host as he walked.

If you can find the segment, and send me a video, I'd be most appreciative.  Thanks!
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From the "weird happy hour rules" department:

At this nice lobby bar… happy hour "two for one" 6-8pm, on "cocktails and beer".  I settle in, and try to confirm that my usual rum and soda would be covered.  (Keep in mind English is not the bartender's first language).  "No", he replies.  And points at a list of specific mixed drinks. I point at the "Rum" on the next page, he say "no… no two for one… only cocktails and beer".

So I skim the "cocktails" list again.  Aha.

"I'll have a mojito, but please leave out the lime, sugar, and crushed mint."

"OK, no problem."

"And that's two for one?"

"Yes, it is a cocktail".

In other words, I just ordered… a rum and soda.


#bar   #travel   #languagebarrier   #dumbrules  
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I have a similar experience at a place we go for lunch. They have parmigiana on the menu, and schnitzel on the seniors menu. I ask for schnitzel and I get told I can't have it because I'm not a senior. I ask for parmigiana without sauce and get... a schnitzel.
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Randal L. Schwartz

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Today's random rant: websites that cannot choose between using "I" vs "you" to talk about… you.  Especially in EULAs… where the language shifts from paragraph to paragraph, sometimes calling you "you", and sometimes calling you "I".
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I must admit that I have never looked at EULAs the same since watching the Southpark episode The Human Cent-iPad

Viewer discretion advised. Remember, if you ever see something, you can't un-see it !!
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More green-starts picking Dart: «"Google has set up a perfect storm for a new language," said Mixbook co-founder and Chief Executive Andrew Laffoon. The company picked Dart to power Montage, its new online tool for creating photo books, after comparing it to JavaScript and Microsoft's TypeScript, which extends JavaScript with more advanced programming options.»

#dart   #javascript  
Not everybody likes Google's JavaScript competitor for Web programming, but Mixbook's CEO and lead developer are betting a multimillion-dollar revenue stream on it.
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Have him in circles
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