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What a sad spam-hole this place has become...
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My stream is too dead for any spam. Seems that 98% of the hundreds of people I follow have decided it's a waste of time and dont bother anymore. I was referring to the communities, which seem to be mostly nothing more than a spammer-haven because the owners have given up and left..
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yes.. why?
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Looks really fun 😃👍🏻
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My Jeep getting a little wet last weekend
#Jeep   #Jeeps  
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Do you wish your analytics looked like this?
Watching TMZ and caught a glimpse of their live-analytics on one of the guy's screens behind him. This was filmed at 7AM.. Not bad!
#Analytics   #TMZ  
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not that high lol
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Randy “Wilson” Brown

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Really looking forward to the automatic InLine ads!
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Google Plus is dead.
if you are NOT a marketer/spammer and NOT a web-master/publisher please discuss and prove me wrong. 
Otherwise, I expect this post won't be seen by 99.99% of my 17,682 "followers", because 98% of them aren't here anymore.
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I fit sentence #2 (except for the "publisher" part; as a KDP user, I tried my luck in that trade some time aback). Greetings from mid-2016!
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Today's adventure: A little place called Marble Canyon in Southern California.
#Jeep   #Jeeps   #offroad  #4x4
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We did some serious 4x4ing Saturday in Big Bear, CA ..
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The "NotaRubicon" - bright orange one with the front yellow lights and black hood-louver.  you dont see it much because I was doing most of the filming
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How do you handle trolls that comment on your blog?  I don't mean someone pointing out an inaccuracy, as that you need to fix. I'm talking about someone saying you are wrong with nothing to back up why you are wrong, or criticizing your post with general, non-specific stupidity.  Someone asked me how I handle this type of comments, and this is what I emailed him back( below)..
I know that this means that when I comment on someone's blog there is a 98% chance that I am retarded.. I'm not disputing that..
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Thank you!
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I say the things that you are thinking, but would never say out loud
You may recognize me as "Rand Wilson" which was more of nickname.  I am a website owner, webmaster, and a bit of a blogger.  Since 2006 I have built a few websites that generate a substantial income and I'm always looking for "the next big thing".  I'm proficient in Drupal and Wordpress and also speak a little PHP.

One of my passions is helping other webmasters and bloggers to become successful without being taken advantage of or ripped-off by all the scammers and con-artits out there.

Even more: A former Windows expert (professionally) I am now an admitted Apple fanboy and own or have owned at least one iPad, iPhone, Mac and Macbook.  I have become a bit of an expert in answering questions about iCloud, iCloud tracking and privacy, and how to do/fix things on iOS.  I have had a few run-ins with PayPal in the past and via some very popular posts in my blog I have been able to help many people banned by Paypal to get un-banned and get their money back.  One of my favorite things to do is point out scams or scammers online and especially on TV commercials and late-night TV infomercials for products that nobody really needs.

If you require private help, need help building a website, transferring a website or building your business online:  I have reasonable hourly rates and hosting plans that we can discuss. See www.iHelpers.NET for more information or email me at

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On June 14, 2015 I became the first person to ever walk the entire shoreline of the Salton Sea in the desert of California. Over 100 miles, 6 days, with temps over 120°F. It was a big deal. Google it!
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The only place i trust with my Jeep Wrangler JKU.. Have had a lift, locker, onboard-air, sleeve & gussets, armor, SPOD, winch, AntiRock, and many other things installed by the crew over the last year.
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As part of my historic walk around the entire shoreline of Salton Sea, my team and I stayed at the RV Park at Johnson's Landing for several nights. It was a nice place (good, clean, hot showers!) and the owners were very supportive and helpful. We had dinner at the cafe and they even hosted a party for us. Great place, cold drinks, good food and great people!
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We have been coming to Paradise Point every year for the last 10 years. This will be our last visit because we have watched it go downhill since our first visit. This is the only place in the area that you can get a bungalow right on the bay/water, so for that, they get an A+, but it's all the little things that make it not worth the higher prices. For the last 3 years in a row, our room was not ready at check-in. Two years ago, we had to wait a day before we could get our bay-view room, and were forced to stay one night in a "swamp view" (garden view) room, then move everything when our room was finally ready. The internet & WiFi are horrible, and barely work. In the room we are in now (where I am writing this review), half or more of the TV channels do not work. The rooms are a bit run-down. Not horrible, but we expected better for the price. Be careful of getting nickel-and-dimed to death for things like parking, use of the (crappy) WiFi/Internet, etc. As of this year, the room-service that had always been a highlight of our visit is gone. No longer are the incredible scrambled egg, sausage & bacon breakfasts.. Instead, you now have a choice of $10 english muffin sandwiches made by the guys at Caveman Pizza, which by the way has the worst pizza anywhere. SUMMARY: Still a great choice if all you care about is a decent bungalow on the water. Everything else is no longer worth the higher prices that they continue to charge. If you need internet access for work, go somewhere else.
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Called to have them repair some old off-contract alarm equipment in my home. The installer was prompt, courteous, professional, and clean. I was so impressed I asked their sales team for a quote to upgrade my system. The sales people came out, where honest, professional, and gave me a price that was far less than what ADT wanted to do the same thing. Ended up purchasing a full new alarm system to replace our 25+ year old one, which they installed quickly. From start to finish, the company is very professional, shows extreme pride in their work and has done a fantastic job at doing the work and keeping me satisfied as a customer.
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Great place and great group of people! We used this location for an event and they provided great food and great atmosphere while Salton Sea provided great scenery and beauty. We will be going back and working with Save Our Sea & EcoMedia Compass many more times!
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We live nearby and go here once every few months. Over a 2 year period, this Mcdondalds has a 100% rate of screwing up the order.. WE HAVE ALWAYS DRIVEN AWAY DISAPPOINTED OR ANGRY.. Usually you have to beg for napkins, ketchup, mcnugget sauce or you wont get any. Even after begging, you may end up with the wrong thing, or ONE napkin, only knives and no forks, etc.. Today, after ordering the worlds easiest order: 1 kids meal, they screwed it up! Instead of getting a mcnugget meal, we got a made-to order hamburger.. Congratulations McDonalds on Haven Ave, you have a 100% idiot record!! Fool us once, shame on you.. Fool us 15 times, and we're never going back.. Save yourself some frustration and go next door to Del Taco or across the street to Jack in The Box - the employees at those places are not complete idiots like at this Mcdonalds and they at least appear to care about their customers. ___________________________________________ Update: March 2014- Wife visited today, first time since our review several months ago and just like every other time, they screwed up the order.. Left out an entire happy meal and made us show the reciept (while still in the drive thru!) before they would hand it over.. WILL NEVER.. GO..BACK and neither should you...
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Had a reservation and got seated right away.. The place is _really_ noisy which is ok if you like that kind of atmosphere.. we dont.. The waitress made nothing but mistakes.. Brought us one wrong drink.. told us our wine was not available by the glass so brought Jack Daniels and Coke (or something) instead (WTH?!).. Told us they were out of calamari.. then calamari showed up 15 minutes later.. then our wine that we were told was not available showed up.. She was very professional and apologetic - I chalk it up being new/lack of training by everyone so I assume this will improve over time. The food was good and well prepared.. but we waited forever and had to beg to get the bill.. If you like loud places, and wait a month or two for everyone to get fully trained, it will probably be much better.. Overall, not bad considering the reasonable prices and good food.
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