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I recently read Malcom Gladwell's TippingPoint which got me thinking about how truly valuable LinkedIn is.

Gladwell mentions a Mark Granovetter 1973 study (confirmed many times since) that developed the concept of "weak ties" and how weak ties (acquaintances) are more valuable in a job hunt than strong ties (friends). Imagine that!

So, what's the LinkedIn connection? It's two-fold. First, stop being so fussy about who you connect with. If you have a 5 minute conversation with someone at a conference or at the local breakfast place connect with them on LinkedIn. You never know when that person might be able to help you--or the other way around. Second, seek to connect with "interesting" people your current connections are connected to. You can do this with LinkedIn's "introductions." Ask your connections to introduce you to their interesting connections. If you're engaged in a job search at a particular company search for it in LinkedIn and see if anyone you know has a connection there--and ask to be introduced!
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I like your tie to LinkedIn and acquaintances. Job seekers should connect with as many people on LinkedIn as they can. There is really very little downside.
Thanks, +Karleen Harp . Gladwell has some other good examples in TippingPoint I was actually surprised. When I started Googling "weak ties linkedin" it turns out I'm not the genius I thought I was :-) As you suggest, people should add away. No dowside indeed.
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