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Hey gang - would love your help with another Google+ test. This time, to see whether Google+ shares and +1s alone can push an already ranked site/page higher in the search results.

For a target, I chose which currently ranks #16 in the US Google results for the phrase "vintage scooter helmets." Please do share the link below and +1 it, but DO NOT link, tweet, FB share, LinkedIn share, etc. We're hoping to try earning just Google+ metrics and watching if the rank rises for that phrase.

Thanks for the help! We learned a ton from the prior tests and hope to learn from this one, too :-)
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Done. Please share the results with us lowly SEOs in your stream. lol.
Sure. I´m looking forward for the definitive results. Only Rumors are so boring ;-)
shared! i'm very curious to see the results
Thanks gang! Much appreciated and will definitely share results as soon as we see 'em.
done! Can't wait to see the results.
I assume Google will want to weight each +1 differently. Will you be tracking this metrics too?
i saw some one share your post not link please specify them to share link rather then your post
and it will definitely give you some positive result because Google plus didn't break your sharing link as Facebook do.
hey Rand Fishkin on given phrase it sows on 5th !!!!
Dumb question, when you hit the +1 above, did you just +1 your comment (similar to like), or do you +1 the link?
+David Malmborg actually i think that's a very good question, i was operating on assumption it was for comment.
I searched for the term... and +1'd that listing on the second page.
Just moved up to #11 for me AFTER I plus1'd it. BUT stayed #16 in a separate incognito browser.
For all, if you +1'd some page then it will show you on top if you are login with your account please make sure when you are checking rank on Google, you are not login to your account..
Do you have WMT on this page, because it would be way interesting to see the new +1 metrics Google is showing in WMT in comparison to the incognito/generic results
I +1'd on search page, but didn't find a +1 button on the actual page itself.
+Jody Raines yeah, there isn't a +1 button on the bike helmet page, but a +1 in the SERPs should have the same effect as clicking the +1 button on the page.
@Travis seconded, what happened with the other post did it get indexed?
Searched, found it at 13. +1'd. Now I see it at 7.

Do +1's affect individual searches when logged in? I guess that makes sense, but it never occurred to me.
Still ranking 16th for me. Currently at 107+ and 89 shares.

Anyone have data on in-SERP plusones?
I'm still seeing it at #16 - no movement so far. We'll publish results possibly tomorrow or the weekend.
Nice work Rand. Great to see you testing Google+ for the benefits of all. Thanks for doing this. +1d.
And Colin, yup you have personalised results turned on. There's a blog post on that shows a smart shortcut way of turning it off using the search engine settings in Chrome.
I wonder if the fact that this is a UK domain is blocking any positive effect our +1s and shares are having? The page is #2 in searches. Was it there before you started this experiment Rand?
Something else to consider: on my profile, the +1 tab wasn't public by default. I had to select that tab, then Edit my profile and click a check box to make the tab visible to the world. Google may treat private / public +1's differently...
Time to buy shares in vintage Matt Black scooter helmets.
145 +'s 138 shares unpersonalized: #17 (down from #16) personalized: #11. Did it really drop a spot?
Done. Really looking forward to the results.
Done, im seeing Urban Rider in 4th position.
Crowdsourcing social... lucky company.
Weirdly, it seems to have dropped a spot, but that looks like it's because eBay gained an additional indented result to own #1-3... I wonder if that's triggered by a big increase in search or CTR activity due to this test (though I'd guess CTR on any of the SERPs other than the one we shared wouldn't be very high).
Seeing the slight drop as well. When logged in, it jumped to #11
Oh I see what you're asking. Man, ya'll are Google+ n00bs.
Done and Done...betcha they gonna sell a lot of helmets.
Ryan Kartzke - +Jody Raines "yeah, there isn't a +1 button on the bike helmet page, but a +1 in the SERPs should have the same effect as clicking the +1 button on the page."

That seems like a very speculative statement...and I do have to ask, is this a controlled experiment that has no other outside influences that could also affect its rankings?

I understand that this social signal thing is gonna be a difficult one to quantify as far as search rankings go...that's the reason I ask.
+Ryan Farrell after visiting page once to see if there was a +1 button, I did click it in the serps and it jumped 4 spots (logged in)
Did it jump on your own personal SERP when you were logged in? or did you log into another browser that you didn't have your google profile open on to see if it was a universal jump?

Having it rank higher for you is relevant to this study...but it's hardly organic I think
I think we can all agree though that at some critical mass it has to matter for universal search. Also we need to find out how GSparks is to be affected by our +ing.
Rank #4!!! OMG....Unbelivable...
i see it on 4th position too... below the shopping result... amazing!
google dance... is now in 2nd page 9th pos.
It is still #17 in US. If people see it jump to first page that's just because they're looking at personalized serp. No effect as far as I can tell thus far.
I am still getting 16th as US on (excluding image uni at the top of page 2) but when I VPN through London server and search on the page is ranking #2. Not sure what it was on yesterday (didn't check).
I'm pretty sure the purpose of +1 in search is to boost results that have been promoted by your circles.
AA search from an incognito browser and you can also notice that this page appears between the 4th and the 9th position depending on which google version you are using. So it does seem to boost the page even for the persons that are not in your circles.
It's up one (position 15) for me in incognito.
+Victor Estrugo Rottenstein Kind of stupid. I mean, while some SEO tests are invalid, we're not working on being academically rigorous here. Like this research doesn't need to stand test in the ivory towers. What we need to know is approximately what works, why, and how well. Pointing out that these tests are not academically valid is kind of inane since time and again, SEOmoz and others who do tests like them, tend to be ahead of the curve on how Google works. That said, occasionally they screw up.
I am searching from dubai and the URL ranks #5
just wondering: the google +1 button has been out there for a while already (at least in the search results) - it didn't come with google+. So hasn't this experiment been done before already - and if so what were the results (have been searching a bit, couldn't find any serious reports/studies on the influence of the +1 on ranking so far)?

Anyway I'm really interested in the results of this experiment and hopefully there will soon be some more serious stats - folks an my company have the impression, that since it's a google service (google+ and the +1 button) it will dramatically improve the ranking of its webpages and believe that they have to add it as soon as possible to all their webpages.

My impression (and it's just an impression) is:
1. google+ and the +1 button will be just one more factor of the more than 200 factors influencing the ranking in SERPs - maybe it will eventually have more weight than others, but I doubt that google would trash all the other factors in favour of this new untested one.

2. Now that google+ is out it will obviously help spreading the +1 button for webpages (even though for now, when clicked the page on which the button lies will only appear in your profile) and clicking on the +1, in googles search results or on webpages, will become a lot more popular (I believe it was quite marginal so far). So I guess, that as google will still be tweaking its new toy (google+) for the the next few months, so it will to be adjusting the influence of the +1 on its ranking algorithm for some time still => conclusion: it's way too early to make any statement on how +1 and google+ will be influencing google's search results.

what do you think?
I think this experiment should try to isolate only Gg+ shares for rankings impact, since earlier SEOmoz research revealed very high correlations between rankings & FB shares.
To finish ....let's see what happens when we all take back the +1
#14 for me (before the +1/share)... still the same after. However, a user in my circle saw it ranking #9 (after the +1/share) - In Dallas
Number 2 on incognito and number 4 on normal the UK
Appears that it might also be driven by locality, ranking @ 15 here in Los Angeles post start of test.
Number 6 on spanish Google (I'm logged in)
Just checked this again, many months after the fact. That page is nowhere to be found in my non-personalized incognito US results. Rand's original post from Google + shows in my personal results though.
Is there any write up/final results for this experiment?
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