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Wildcards Can Be Used in Google Suggest

UPDATE: Wrote a post about this -

I somehow never knew, until today at #LocalUp  that you could use the _ symbol to get wildcard results in Google Suggest. Hat tip to +Mary Bowling for the find!
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Neat! I never knew this either. Thanks!
I integrated this in for word finding with missing letters, all because of Google with sentences. It's a great tool to know - especially for market researching or trying to find synonymous data on the web.
+Rand Fishkin  +Mary Bowling  also works if you use multiple "_" like: best _ to _ in Seattle.  And if just using one you can put the cursor there and add in a blank space after typing out the phrase instead of typing the "_"  Comes in handy to quickly change up the phrases you are researching.
Google is not doing a great job at educating people about how to use their Search Engine...
Space also works, but needs to be inserted after the sentence is written
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