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Does Sharing on Google+ Still Get a Page Indexed?

For the first 9-12 months after Google+ launched, sharing a URL on this network came with the added benefit of almost-instantaneous indexation. However, in the past few months, that feature seems to have been removed, and URLs shared here are no longer immediately crawled by Googlebot.

I thought I'd test this theory by sharing a page that's just been created and is not linked-to anywhere else:

PLEASE - feel free to +1 or re-share here, but do NOT link to that URL, mention the two unique words, or share on any other social networks. Thanks!
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Good way to test it. Looking forward to the end result.
If it does get indexed, you might want to also try from a less popular account. (And also an anonymous one so there's no risk of someone linking to it against your wishes.)
"Also, here’s a photo of Kermit the Frog for no particular reason:" haha love it. Looking forward to the results :)
Thanks for doing this Rand! One variable that may hurt this test is the fact that your blog is probably indexed quite often. Unless you know for a fact it takes days for your posts to appear?
Very hard to keep this from getting shared out of Google+.

There is definitely some aggregator somewhere who randomly shares your links.
Well we've learned one thing. The Google+ posts themselves get indexed immediately. As your Google+ is the ONLY thing that currently shows up for that search, and that is with personal results turned off.
I have noticed that sharing my posts on Google plus does not seem to accelerate the indexing process anymore. Some months ago it did seem to turbo charge the crawl.
Boom, indexed. Now it's time to test this out on a low PR site with a low PR profile! (Hey, just like me!)
Just looked and I see your page on plus your Google+ update it is Sunday 1/13 at 7:00 PM.
It would be interesting to see +Mark Traphagen, a Google+ guru who also has a PR 5 profile, do a similar test and compare his results to Rand's
Does creating a page in WordPress also mean that ping services like Pingomatic aren't notified? I checked WordPress Codex and they say they notify on creating/editing a post but I didn't check the WordPress source code to verify that. Does anyone else know for sure?
I saw your link to your blog above Kermit's snippet is "rel=nofollow". How does that impact indexing?
I'm going to re-share your post now +Rand Fishkin. I quite frequently am able to take away the top indexed spot for an exact match of the original poster's title (first line of their post) if I reshare it. Let's see.
+Rand Fishkin will let you know. So far, 15 minutes in you still hold the only indexed post for the exact match of the title of this post.

Also +Rand Fishkin, +Dan Petrovic discovered last week that Google had as of Jan. 5 made all links in G+ posts NoFollow except the link in the "rich snippet" of a share link post. Previous to that, they had all been follow for some time.
+Rand Fishkin I know links coming from your about page, such as your "Introduction" are all dofollow. With your profile pages having PR, they pretty much treat it like it's own webpage.
+Brandon Hassler BTW, how do you know my profile is PR5? They used to show toolbar PR for profiles, but then stopped, I had thought.
Depends on what you use. I've noticed Firefox has a hard time displaying it. But I use the "PageRank Status" Chrome extension and it shows people's PR. You and Rand are both a PR 5.
Hmmm...I wonder if they started giving it out again, then. Because I know as of last spring some time no one could find it.
11:02 pm EST - my reshare has been indexed, here's the results

Search for "does sharing on google+ still get a page indexed" with quotation marks:
#1 - Rand
#2 - Me, but my Photos tab (very weird - click through and the post is not on that page)

Click "repeat the search with omitted results included, and my reshare post is now #2.

Search for sharing on google+ still get a page indexed with NO quotation marks:
#1 - Rand
My post indexed (it can be found if you add "traphagen" to the query) but nowhere in the upper rankings.

Search for "Googlidgeon Ishiritweeto+ (quotation marks)
#1 Rand's web page
#2 Rand's G+ share
#3 My Photos tab, as above

And as above, click to show omitted results, and my actual reshare takes the place of my Photos tab result.

Search for Googlidgeon Ishiritweeto (with NO quotation marks):
Same results as above after clicking to reveal omitted results.
Yes, I am agree with +Rand Fishkin  Google+ is one of the easy way to get indexed.... but I'm working on Google+ daily but sometime articles aren't indexed quickly but its take a lot of time and the Google Plus is also not showing correct numbers of Plus if we get, I mean to say Google+ counting functionality has still errors.
what about personalisation did anyone look at that being a factor whether you see it or not?
A few days after my first link being posted on my Google+ page, my friend called and told me type in "free IT tutorials" in Google search, sure enough my G+ page came up with the link and all on page one. I'm confused as to why they would rank a page that high in search results being the site was only a few weeks old. It appears that links on G+ are heavily weighted for some reason. It doesnt score now and only did for several days.
+Kevin Gallagher I would hope that anyone here who does serious testing knows that you have to do it logged out of Google and in a browser with all cache, cookies, and history cleared. 
+Mark Traphagen then I guess that is not then a proper test as everyone is different just because it is indexed is no guarantee anyone will see it. Even if you are logged out what about location? 
+Kevin Gallagher we all know that there are factors that even logged-out incognito (private search mode) won't solve. However, for most searches they become of little importance in the top ranking. For example, yes, Google could still pick up location (via IP address), but since this isn't a location-based search or contents, that will have little or no effect.

The way I counter-balance that is to ask people from all over the world to check my results. That's what I've done in this case, and they confirm they see the same thing.

I've posted an 11 am EST update to my test, as the results have shifted slightly again:
it makes a lot above discussion with Rand's test whether a page still getting indexed or not? .. nice job rand sir
As a low-man on a totem pole (only 410) followers my G+ posts don't get indexed any more--or it's taking a lot longer. 
+Demian Farnworth Your G+ posts will be more valuable if you're using them to drive traffic to your websites. Every +1 is a vote, every share is a vote, and if that post contains a link, you will get more rank for it. Although some people are getting carried away with this.
I wonder if Google is now treating Google+ posts like any other page on the Internet, neither favoring nor punishing, but indexing according to user activity, both inside and outside the network. For example, I see huge variation in my own posts based on how popular they are. 
Well I found this page from a Google Search. 
Rand. I would like to know Does Google indexes Google Plus Pages in search results? Does Google index https:// sites in google?
+Shehryar Qureshi You can see what specific pages Google indexes by Googling it prefixed with "site:", but without the speech-marks and with no space after the colon, eg
will show you what from our UK4Business Google+ page has been indexed. And the answer is surprisingly little! If you try it with the link to your personal profile, however, it's much more. 
Be interested to see how it compares with others' results...
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