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"With 3,094 clicks and a 10% conversion rate we had 309 people register for our events." LinkedIn Ad Experiments:
I set out to spend $10k on LinkedIn ads to see what kind of return is possible in the often overlooked social network.
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What a great read, thank you. Must admit Linked In hasn't been a big one for us yet, this will make me reconsider somewhat - although it does feel still as if one needs to "test" rather than be certain of making any return.
This is really good - the only bit I'm falling away on is this: "The breakdown of attendance and conversion is generally 50%, 13% and 35%"..."generally". I would be curious to see the real figures, if they are available, and to see how much of that free traffic converted into paying customers.

It's all very well assigning those figures, but the outcome is likely to vary significantly based on the quality of the referring sources - I get that Linked In is a more professional orientated network, however does that mean it's more or less likely to capitalise (British sp. ;)) on a freebie?
Great read. I love LI ppc. The key is to test test test the ads and images.
Appreciate this Rand. Last time I checked, LI case studies weren't that easy to come by.
Is the site offline? I'm just seeing a parked domain.
Yes, something seems to have gone wrong with that link.
I've had great success with LinkedIn advertising, especially to find blog writers for Blogmutt. Focussing the universe by groups that a person belongs to really helps the ROI.
Sorry for the parked domain issue everyone, was getting hit with tons of traffic today and a service rep at GoDaddy got trigger happy with my nameservers :(
+Gareth Mailer I'd love to chat about the conversion numbers. The generally had to do with the geographic area of the events as different states convert at different rates. That being said that, those %'s is our very steady average.
+Gene M I appreciate that you tried to help people out by reposting the text, but since my site is back up (and it's ding for SEO to have duplicate content) do you mind taking that down now? :)
Excellent case study, thanks for the share! I'm sure LinkedIn ads will be the big B2B thing in 2012.
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