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Better than Bitly

Bitly's web shortener frequently frustrates me, so I took some time to think about the features I'd ideally want to see and made a very simplistic wireframe in tonight's blog post:
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Question is, are there too many URL shorteners already? i.e. would Moz be better placed to work with an existing company and improve it in partnership than create another new product?

Not saying it wouldn't be great or I wouldn't use it if +SEOmoz did make it, but there are a load already out there, so just throwing the question 'out there' :-)
I was really surprised how worsened after their big update. I suppose they launched it without User Experience testing.
Being able to shoeten, track and share an URL across social
networks from one place would be awesome.
I used yourls to make mine so that I could add a little branding to my shares (example of SEOmoz article share: I would love to find an alternative that could give me better analytics. Currently, I only get amount of opens and what country users are in.
+Martin Oxby , I don't think there are too many URL shorteners at all. Until there's a really good one, there aren't enough. If someone built one that's closer to what Rand has outlined, a ton of people would jump over to it, myself included. Hopefully the end result of this is that just gets a lot better.
Weird I was thinking about this just after I woke up, why can't I have my own URL shortener for my company. +Rand Fishkin  I would use a Moz one if available but I would like my own ;o)
+Court Tuttle valid points. We build website's from scratch and I can't see how URL shortening, tracking and reporting can be that difficult, I guess it's just time investment that's the question.
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