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Weirdness around SEER's loss of all rankings today should make for a fascinating case study. They also fail to rank currently for, or (exact title match)

Wow, we don't rank for our own brand name in Google stay tuned guys... Gonne be 100% transparent about it here and keep you guys in the loop...

Wondering why links from places like this can't offset whatever signal is making us look bad in the algo: (link from BILL freakin clinton)

Wondering why

2700 subscribers to our RSS feed doesn't offset this (with Google owning google reader, can't they see real activity on our blog?

almost 200k views of our vids on my channel does't offset this:

Or real engagement in G+:

I think this is all just a hiccup, but lets see where this goes.
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+Erdal Torun Still today? Those issues were all corrected yesterday for the Danish and English sites that I know of that had gotten hit
"seer interactive blog" does not show locally but i can get to all social media sites and the search church meet up on the SEOmoz is ranking higher. It seems to me Google may have turned on a new algorithm before checking it and can't find the reset button.
I have to echo the above statements. I had a client that had this issue but it was resolved. Site: showed the site indexed but the site was gone from the serps in all other aspects.
why Google is not coming clean on things . Say once and all that SEO is dead and all links will be devalued
we're noticing a very similar pattern for search terms related to my company's brand name. i wouldn't hesitate to assume that seer's rankings might be mistakenly falling off (you guys do great work and you're all over the place), but i'm witnessing my company's brand continue to fall in rank.
As I've said on Twitter, my brand suddenly stopped ranking on Tuesday and was back this morning. My old consulting site was also hit and is back. No other sites on our server were affected.
Google, please stop for now. Something you're doing is very off. Take a moment to reevaluate.
I'm so glad people are realizing that this update didn't just impact black hat SEOS, but also a lot of us white hats. The crusade on spam has left so many good hard working IM'S penalized and their competition (wikipedia/facebook/sites with 0 SEO done) shining stars.
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