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Evolving my Presentations

I do a ton of slidedecks and presentations each year, and I'm trying to get more strategic and smarter in my approach. Would love any feedback you've got:
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Great slides! Wish I could hear your presentation as well.
Hey +Rand Fishkin. I really liked your deck at #searchlove. Love the fonts and the colors. The overlays on the screenshots are nice too.

A note on the fewer decks of better quality point. Even if you re-use your decks, you can evolve your message. It would be the same general message (so that you don't have to change your deck) but your stories or the experiences you choose to share to make your point could be different. That way you can keep your deck in tact, but if someone sees your preso again, it will be slightly enhanced in a way.
Rand, I thought both the presentation and advice were brilliant. As a former middle manager, who spent entirely too much time in meetings, my pet hate is people that just read off the slides... 

I think that the particular combination of humour, images, information and calls to action in the deck is just about right. I clicked all the way through without getting bored, which is very rare for 61 pages!

I wish we'd had more presenters like you...
Less slides speak more. The presentation that shoe horns in lolcats and meme's are obnoxious. I am glad I haven't seen you do that. I have used prezi a couple years ago, but I went back to PowerPoint. It might have grown up a bit but currently my impression is the problem isn't with PowerPoint, its the user.

We "outsource" our slides too, to either a creative or just purchase slick templates online. I never understood why people half ass their slides or don't invest time in their look. You are selling yourself and your ideas to people, face to face. Show them you took the effort off the bat with a good deck design.

And stop with the preso memes and jokes people. If you must, one per deck. Want to be treated like a marketing professional and get those marketing budgets? Get rid of the lolcats
+Rand Fishkin where does that 82/18% clicks stat come from?  I was amazed by that.
Love the presentation!  You make your points clearly with great impact. The world is far too focused on immediate (paid) results. If they would commit similar budgets (paid vs earned) to improving their content / site, the internet would be a much better place (and on a side note, their company would have higher return).  Can't wait to see you next week in Arizona!
+Shawn Hildebrand I've seen a few folks use Prezi, but never well enough to make me think it's better than PPT/slides universally. If it fits someone's style, that's great, if not, no problem.

+Tom Blue It's from Google themselves, albeit a few years old. There was a more recent stat from Comscore suggesting it's 85/15, but I'm not sure I trust their numbers.
Loved the presentation & in fact, I just tweeted it to the boss. :)

We (at +NSDesign ) do ALL our presentations in Prezi and they definitely suit OUR audience and styles. Almost every time we do one, we get asked about it, and have even taken to training individuals and companies into how to use Prezi! :)

Good content and the right presenter can rock any presentation tool I reckon! Thanks for sharing yours!
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