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Like many in the SEO field, we were intrigued by Google's recent "banning" of directories (

Since so many SEOs still use directories as a link acquisition methodology, we thought we'd look at a few hundred directories, gather stats about them, and hopefully report the results on SEOmoz in the next week or two. At first blush, it would appear that only a few directories were literally banned from the index, though a much greater number have their PageRank scores decreased, strongly suggesting Google's removing the value passed by those links.

In our analysis, we hope to be able to show the difference between the "built for SEO" directories that Google's penalizing/banning/not-counting vs. value-add directories that still carry weight.
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+Rand Fishkin I just started on this yesterday... but I think you'll have more resources than me :D

But I'll keep testing and publish findings - more people on this the better for everyone I think :)

Thanks for doing this Rand and all at +SEOmoz
This would be very helpful, good shout Rand.
This is great! I've been wondering about this. So many directories just feel spammy. It'll be interesting to see if the ones that "smell like spam" were penalized.
Looking forward to this post. Thanks for looking into it.
I am anticipating a very thorough piece of work.
+Rand Fishkin makes a good point. After looking at that pic, makes me question the MozRank in the +SEOmoz Open Site Explorer tool! lol jk ;)
eager to see your results... we're guessing that the relevant niche directories will still matter, but who knows what the big G will do...
This could be a very useful post. We've been looking at other ways to get links that directories recently but this could be the final nail in the coffin for directories. thanks +Rand Fishkin and +SEOmoz
Look forward to reading the final analysis.
Good that we never used directories as a primary source for getting links for our clients!
Thanks for this Rand. Paying for links through a directory surely goes against everything that Google is trying to do? Do people actually use these directories to find information? To me they just seem a way of capitalising on their high page rank?
I'm actually running a removal campaign where we need to clean up a lot of directory stuff that was built back in 2008/9 by another company, manipulative link were cited as being responsible for the whopping penalty the brand has and when you check out the link profile using every data set known to man the worst of the spam seems to be directories. I really think that these days it's probably best just to stay away altogether.
Rand, are you looking exclusively at general directories? I'd be very interested in seeing if niche directories still had significant value.
I remember when we were trying to outsource to an SEO firm, the SEO firm was offering tiers of services. For the lowest tier, they offer a massive amount of directory links (they claim to have a "secret" list of directories too). For second tier, they will getlinks from article sites. Then I asked, aren't these low quality links according to Google? And they reply with a straight face, Well, don't believe everything Google says. I couldn't believe they are still in business. LOL

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There is no established factual inventory here - only one member's experience with his own list of diretories.

What about Dmoz????????????????????????
It's like google monopoly....
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